Sharing The Love | EB Boudoir

Ladies, I am all about photographing your friends. Honestly, there is nothing I love MORE than sharing the love with your friends. So, let’s spread the good word, babe. Let’s bring out your best self, and discover your confidence (that you’ve always had) lingering beneath the surface and help other like-minded babes do the same.  […]

Boudoir, Denver

Virtual Boudoir Session in the Shower

Virtual Boudoir Session. That’s a brand-new concept in the photography world right now. But with Covid-19 going on, what other safe options do we have? As you definitely know, we were hit with the news that we were to go under strict house arrest, only allowing us to escape the confines of our homes for […]

Virtual Sessions Now Available for a Limited Time

So, times are a TAD crazy right now- right?! We’re supposed to be stuck inside unless we’re going out for the essentials (TP anyone?) So some friends in the boudoir business decided that wasn’t gonna stop us. Ladies, say HELLLOOOO to Virtual Sessions. These little sessions can also be referred to as “webcam sessions” if […]

Client Testimonial | EB Bridal Boudoir

I don’t know about you, but I love a client testimonial! I’m all about reviews and testimonials. I totally believe that the best form of running and growing a business is through client reviews. Before Covid-19 reared its ugly head, I was blessed with my client, Ms. M. She was kind enough to share a […]

Bring on the Fishnets | EB Boudoir

I’m a lover of fishnets for boudoir shoots. I’m always for them. They’re fun, edgy, and impossibly sexy. Bring on the Fishnets. I wish I could send a huge thank you to their curator, but they’ve been around since the early 1900s, so obviously, the genius isn’t around anymore. Plus, no one is really sure […]

No Shoots During Covid-19 | Eb Boudoir

I’m just going to say no shoots during Covid-19, ladies. This thing is a big deal, and to be honest, kinda scares the shit out of me, and I kinda hope it scares you enough to take it seriously. I know we here in AZ are ok, but family and friends in other states are […]

Sexy Tshirt as a Fun Wardrobe Option

Introducing the Sexy Tshirt Sometimes we struggle to find the perfect boudoir outfits, right? “What do I wear?”  is usually the number one question I’m asked. I usually tell everyone that if you love lingerie, a body suit is perfect. They’re flattering on ANY body type and usually clients aren’t as nervous to wear them […]

Spokane Client Review | Ms. H Tells Her Story

A client review is truly an integral part of running a business. After every one of my client’s shoots, I’m sure to send out a post session questionnaire where I can get feedback on their experience. I think they’re important because without feedback (good or bad) how can someone grow? Plus, having them available to […]

Boudoir Style | My Style vs. Client Wants

When picking a boudoir photographer, it’s super important to fall in love with their boudoir style of photography… This post may or may not be well received, but I feel that it’s something important that I address. Recently, one of my past clients approached me and told me that she loved her photos but it […]

A Confidence Boost | I’m Damn Hot Client Testimonial

I love taking pictures so of course, I love my job for that reason. But I love it for so much more. To make clients see how beautiful they are and to really understand and appreciate their beauty is why I do what I do. The amazing confidence boost that a good boudoir session can […]