Virtual Sessions Now Available for a Limited Time

So, times are a TAD crazy right now- right?! We’re supposed to be stuck inside unless we’re going out for the essentials (TP anyone?) So some friends in the boudoir business decided that wasn’t gonna stop us. Ladies, say HELLLOOOO to Virtual Sessions. These little sessions can also be referred to as “webcam sessions” if you’d prefer, but whatever floats your tug boat, girl.

virtual boudoir session with eb boudoir

What is a Virtual Session?

So, you may be wondering, “What is a Virtual Session, anyway?” Well, lovie. It’s pretty simple. With our current rule of keeping socially distant, 6 feet apart, no touching etc… it makes it pretty damn impossible, and unsafe, to be around one another for traditional boudoir sessions. With Virtual Sessions, I’m taking your photo through the fancy internet. So all I need you to have is your phone and good internet service. Bam! We’re good to go!

We’ll be on a Zoom call where I will be chatting with you through video and coaching you just as I normally do but through the screen. Weird? Perhaps… Fun? You bet your ass!

In-Person vs. Virtual Sessions?

So, what exactly is the main difference between a traditional in-person shoot and one that is virtual? Well, babe, I’ll admit there are a few but the main one is quality of the images. In an in person session I would be using my professional quality camera. This is much different than me taking shots of you through our computers and phones. They wouldn’t be intended for large prints, sort of like a Polaroid print would be. They just don’t have enough pixels to work with.

And because your camera is fancy and has it’s own auto-correct with lighting and colors, I won’t be able to have the same editing results as I would if I were shooting on a manual camera. But I don’t wanna bore you on the tech side of my world. Lol.

These photos are truly capturing the experience of you during this crazy time in history… We’re in quarantine, ladies! The poor quality adds to the effect!

These photos don’t have to be fancy with you in expensive lingerie or done up any sort of way. It could be something simple or something that gives you comfort during this mildly lonely time.

I’m still going to be my normal coaching self constantly directing you and showing you what to do regardless if you’re wearing a sexy bodysuit or a robe with fuzzy slippers. Because we use Zoom during these sessions, I won’t just see you, you’ll see me too! I’m still showing you all the poses, love.


What Would I Need EXACTLY?

So, maybe you’re like me and you want a list of things you’d need to really consider giving it a try… Ok, girlie. I’m with you. So here’s the list:

1.) Smartphone that has a camera built in.

2.) Good internet connection.

3.) Zoom software downloaded on your phone (this is free).

4.) Something to prop your phone on during the shoot. This can be a heavy perfume bottle, a tripod, or even a friend! If it is a friend though, they will need to balance the phone on something to prevent camera shake. 😉

5.) Whatever outfit you’re wanting to use (just one).

6.) Natural light wherever we’re shooting.

virtual webcam boudoir session

How Much and When Could I Book?

For the month of May I will be taking on Virtual Sessions and depending on the status of Covid-19, I may have them continue into the following months. They’re so perfect to capture this crazy time in our lives!

If you’re wanting to rock a Virtual Session, message me to set one up in May before they’re no longer available.

As a reminder, the quality of the images will depend on the quality of your internet connection and phone camera lens so please really know that these won’t be like those of a regular boudoir session with me.


Virtual Session Fee $75 Includes:

30 minutes and 5 images included

Any additional images $10 a piece

*Digital images only in low res (that is all our virtual technology will allow)


Interested and giving it a try? Shoot me a message! I cannot wait to be creative with you during this time. Let’s collaborate and make something new!




Muses: Jennifer Dirksen, Chelsea the Pale, Christina Meerloo, and Love, Ali.