Virtual Boudoir Session in the Shower

Virtual Boudoir Session. That’s a brand-new concept in the photography world right now. But with Covid-19 going on, what other safe options do we have?

As you definitely know, we were hit with the news that we were to go under strict house arrest, only allowing us to escape the confines of our homes for the essentials. This cut off my ability to offer in-person boudoir shoots to my clients which was torture for me and disappointing many pre-scheduled clients.

virtual session in the shower


Sometimes We Make Due, or Better

I HAVE to create. It’s just a weird and true fact. I will go crazy and be an all around bitchy human if I can’t. That’s why when a client of mine reached out and asked if I was going to offer Virtual Sessions I started considering it.

I truthfully didn’t want to. I even told a good photographer friend of mine that I was going to pass and let all this blow over. I didn’t want clients to book these INSTEAD of booking a traditional session with me. These weren’t going to have the luxury, pampering experience. They weren’t going to offer as much hand holding and weren’t going to provide quality images or products. They were more to document our times and struggle during quarantine.

But, once that client brought it up and showed interest, I figured why not? I needed a creative outlet and this could be it.

Virtual Boudoir Session in the Shower



Perhaps These Aren’t Bad After All

Fast forward to today, and several virtual shoots under my belt, it started to grow on me. Rather than just shooting in my cute studio that I’ve shot hundreds of clients in, I had more variety since I was sort of shooting in client’s homes and it really appealed to me. The intrigue didn’t just come from the challenge of a new space, or the new technique of shooting through the internet, but because it really spoke to my client’s personality. This was THEIR space and really represented who they are, not my personal decorations in the studio.

I also finally had the chance of using some showers in the sessions. I love water shoots. There’s something really neat and vulnerable looking when a woman is in water. Weird, probably… But let’s roll with it, shall we?

I had the pleasure of photographing one of my much loved Phoenix repeat offenders. She and I  became good friends over the years, and a game night or two ago I’d noticed how AMAZING her shower was and this weekend I was finally able to photograph her in it using her phone, and my computer through a Virtual Boudoir Session.

Shower session boudoir

And here’s the kicker I NEVER thought of… I will not be able to get as cool of an angle if I were there with her in person doing a shower shoot. Showers are much too small and I’d never be able to get the whole scene like we did with this session.

So, I give in. Virtual Sessions have a place in my business after all. So thank you Ms. J for asking me to do them initially and thank you Ms. V for rocking this amazing Virtual Shower Session with me. You’re a Goddess and I adore you!

boudoir in the shower webcam style