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Ladies, I am all about photographing your friends. Honestly, there is nothing I love MORE than sharing the love with your friends.

So, let’s spread the good word, babe. Let’s bring out your best self, and discover your confidence (that you’ve always had) lingering beneath the surface and help other like-minded babes do the same. 


Share the love, Boudoir


My mission is and has always been to empower women through the shared experience of Boudoir photography.

What do I mean by shared? Well, there is you and me, lovie and my little camera. Collectively we open up that chest of self-love, and as your Denver boudoir photographer, I’m happy to help.


Share the love, Denver


So, question….how was your EB Boudoir experience? Did you love the results? Most importantly, how did it make you feel? Now that you’ve done something just for yourself…I gotta ask- who else in your personal network do you think would benefit from a boudoir experience?

Sharing The Love | With Your Friends

I’m loving this quote at the moment; “Love is beautiful, friendship is better.” 

Usually, we hang with others like us, right!? You know, our peeps, our besties with whom we share our lives. You have most likely shared with them your stunning photos and told them about your photoshoot…because you look incredible, and how could you keep that all to yourself!! If I loved shooting you, I’d adore shooting your friends too-because they know what’s up! 


Red Lingerie, EB Boudoir


Fact is, you have firsthand already gone through the process, and word of mouth is honestly the best recommendation anyone can ask for. Your closest confidants now know not to be worried or scared as you know how your experience went, so you can provide that extra support by coaching them on what to expect when they book. 

Where your insight and experience come in handy is the prep for your shoot. Specifically the outfit. I mean, am I right!? That’s probably what you spent most of your time deciding on. That and how I work with you in the room, all the fun, dramatic, and goddess-like poses we choreographed together. 


Boudoir, Denver


EB Resources | Share The Love

Don’t worry; I won’t leave you doing all the heavy lifting!!

Here are a couple of our resources: a perfect ‘starter pack‘ for anyone’s first EB Boudoir experience. Feel free to share them with your referral. 

  1. What to wear 
  2. The best cheat sheet for boudoir prepping
  3.  Where did all these poses come from? 


Next steps? I’ve got you covered as well. Send your lovely friend over to reach me here, giving them access to my site to explore and learn more about my Denver boudoir studio and me. Let them know to please share with me how they were referred. 


Fishnets, Boudoir


On that note, are you a member of our EB Badass Boudoir VIP Facebook group? It’s a great way to stay connected and chat about all things empowerment, life, and with great giveaways and exciting announcements. We are a growing community and would love for you to join in on the fun! Click this link to check us out!

A big hug and thank you from me to you for sharing the love. Truly