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I am so frikin excited for you!!  And the day is almost here. You have booked your shoot, so now let’s talk about the best cheat sheet for boudoir prepping so you are primed, and ready for your incredible experience. 

I’ve outlined the following cheat sheet into a 3-Step Boudoir Prep Plan! You will successfully have all your ducks in a row. You will feel like your ahead of the game and not running out the door frazzled. Here we go!


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The Best Cheat Sheet for Boudoir Prepping

Your vision.

What did you have in mind when you booked? What inspired you?

This vision captured in images, writing, or even your go-to notetaking app will give you the confidence, focus, and intention on your shoot day.

You’ve got the why figured out and your vision in place, now it’s time to play. Just like how you would approach any project- success is in the preparation.


boudoir prepping cheat sheet


To feel your best and most confident when it comes to being in front of the camera, I would suggest pulling images of specific poses that resonate with you and capture them on Pinterest, for example.

BUT!! I want to emphasize that your boudoir photo shoot is a process where, with my guidance, we find the poses and the freedom for you to explore together.

The imagery you select should serve as inspiration-only. They won’t be exact replicas cause these are images of you! And we need to celebrate your unique self.

 the ‘GO’ bag

The industry-standard ready-to-go bag for anyone who will be in front of the camera is the perfect accompaniment to your photoshoot. Let’s get into what you should bring with you and have packed before your shoot.

Pack a couple personal items. Deodorant, moisturizer, and even tampons, and intimate wipes if it’s that time of the month for you.

Your welcome to bring some of your favorite makeup or perhaps your signature lip gloss; however, this is not a must-have since my professional hair and makeup artist will be in charge of that, love.


Photographer, EB Boudoir


This is your day for getting Pampered like the goddess that you are! Our professional makeup and hairstylist will have you looking amazing for your day, hun.

Your outfits and all your clothes are in tip-top shape. Clean, ironed, steamed, or dry cleaned. Make sure they are ready to go a couple of days in advance, sneak them out of the house if discretion is needed *wink wink*.

Wardrobe bags are the best for hanging all of your items to keep them wrinkle and crease-free. Hang everything you are bringing and keep them in a safe place, protected, where they won’t be disturbed. See? Simple. No stress on the day of.

Shoes!! As we have mentioned before, anything that you feel will be tight or cause creases on your body, like those cute straps on your heels, for example, might want to stay home.

Bring slippers! Most boudoir photos don’t require any shoes after all and truthfully, they aren’t my thing. BUT if you love them and want to rock those sexy heels, bring them. It’s about showing off your brand of sexy.  

For a glowing and stunning you, it starts a couple of days in advance. 

Stretch, hydrate, eat and sleep well!

Get your body feeling its best and ease into a yoga flow or morning or evening ritual of deep stretching, allow for free movement, and for getting in touch with your body. Water, water, water – Let your skin drink it all up, so it’s looking its best.

There is nothing more beneficial than a good night’s sleep. It is not only the best defense for looking amazing but feeling good on your day. That paired with some nutrient-rich foods, your skin, mind, and body will thank you. 

Trim, shave, wax, and moisturize – exfoliate all that gorgeous skin prior and give time for the redness to subside.


Water, EB Boudoir


You know your body best, so plan this a couple of days in advance and moisturize every day!!

We don’t want any flaky skin showing up on camera! Colorado is known for creating dry skin, babe.

Also, avoid self-tanning – it’s not going to read as well on camera as it does in person. Lighting is what makes your skin POP. We want the real you here, no tan streaks, please. 

Last-minute check-ins

How are my nails looking? Is the polish looking…chipped? A natural nail or fresh manicure/pedicure is essential. Are those pesky tags still on my wardrobe or lingerie? Ugh, they honestly look terrible on camera, best to hide them well or snip it!


EB Boudoir, Bed


OH, and let’s not forget aunt flow, if she stops in for an unexpected visit, you will want to have your tampons on hand. It’s best to know your cycle, so when you book, you can plan for this; however, this is not always the case, so fear not, hun. You got this.


I hope the best cheat sheet for boudoir prepping helped! Now, are you ready to book your boudoir experience? contact me – I am happy to answer any question you may have babe.