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Let’s talk about the gift of print.

Recently, I had a thought – It struck me how my digital photo albums are stocked full of images I rarely look at, have already posted on social media, or took randomly with my phone. Which, come to think of it, is taking up far too much space in my cloud. 


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So, what is sacred these days

What we choose to display in our homes, bedroom walls, and those hidden gems tucked away in albums is an act of preserving something special. It’s meaningful and an important note on what we preserve, our moments, our memories.

In this digital world, we are always flipping through. I can’t help but reflect – what I choose to have in print is valuable to me, something that I cherish.

Even looking back at my old albums with pictures of my friends from high school or finding those ‘OMG, I forgot about these photos in a shoebox. There is something magical about that process of discovery, which does not happen when viewing a digital format.

But hey, we are always on our devices so swiping through your EB Boudoir photos on your phone or pulling them up on the computer is totally discreet and reasonable, I get it, babe.

It just, perhaps, is a little less memorable, less magical, than what that day truly made you feel, which is empowerment hun. So trust me when I say, there is nothing better than the gift of print! 


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The Gift of Print

So having said that, yes, of course, you need your digital copies – there is just far more room for error, like my goodness, what if the USB stick gets lost!!?? Eeeek. Or the file got corrupted on your laptop.

The ever-changing technology, its USB today but not long ago, was a floppy disk (yes, if you can remember those times), so what will it be tomorrow?

It’s an option to get them printed later, yes, by the guy at Walgreens? I can only imagine that conversation. Or even in these socially distanced times, sending your photos over email or jpeg? To whom exactly…..that’s what I thought, babe.  

With so many gorgeous print options to cherish how stunnnnnnnning you look, did I mention how incredible the photo’s look in print! No screen to view through is how photography was meant to be seen.


EB Boudoir, Gift of print


It’s an incredible, tangible feeling to view these cherished and beautiful images of you in print. 

Your Luxury Boudoir album or the New EB Boudoir album is designed to preserve your most cherished memories for a lifetime.

Our luxurious albums are instant heirlooms that you (or the two of you) can enjoy for years to come.

This is your story, told through art. Whether it’s in a frame or a box, display your confidence as it should be– elegant, sleek, and timeless. 

You deserve to have yourself remembered as the gorgeous bombshell you are.


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Carry this experience a lasting memory, apart of your physical world, not locked up in a digital file. Hun, you are way too gorgeous to be hidden away.

Contact me today, let’s get your experience into print.