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Every-body is beautiful, let’s say that again….every one and their bodies are beautiful

We are best friends with bodysuits here at EB Boudoir.


EB Boudoir, Bodysuit


I have had countless positive experiences with clients when it comes to how amazing and confident they feel in a bodysuit vs. a standard two-piece set. 

So, babe, the results are in – We have the testimonials and photos to prove it – Bodysuits are my #1 recommendation when it comes to choosing a go-to piece for your shoot. 


Also known as a ‘one piece’ – they come in all styles, functioning much like a bathing suit.

It may be strange at first, but these babies FLATTER every female form and can be found pretty much anywhere. It’s a hot item for a reason, no wonder everyone is selling them. 

Not sure how to style?

These items are multi-functional when it comes to owning or investing in a piece.


EB Boudoir, Denver


They are silhouetted, which means they create shape, an outline for the visible eye.  Think contouring or shapewear. This piece is a must-have wardrobe staple.

Not only do they flatter all bodies, but they also provide the most beautiful coverage to every curve and highlight all the right angles. They are ultra-cute when paired with your favorite jeans and cropped jacket – Throw on some heels, hello date night!! 

I can tell you that wearing flattering undergarments can make or break an outfit. Have you ever tried on a dress or skirt, and that awful thong or underwear line is showing? It’s a horrible feeling, but in honesty, the bodysuit can transform every outfit you wear.

It creates a seamless line and a flattering shape. Try them under a dress or pair them with a skirt in the summer – it’s simple and very chic. 

Styles for your unique body type when shopping for a bodysuit. 

Petite: thigh-high or comes wayyyyy up, it’s going to give you length!

Tall and Long: vertical or asymmetrical necklines to accentuate your long torso and neck and shoulders. 


EB Boudoir, Bodysuit


Small bust: find some drama in the silhouette near the bust line, bustier top, drapey fabric.   

Athletic build: contrasting and creative shapes, with lots of fun lines. Create any shape you want with this body type. 

Hourglass: this is the shape that strengthens a bodysuit, so it should follow your curves’ natural line, not work against it. So not too much on top or bottom, think simple and elegant, Marilyn Monroe. Accentuate the small waistline. 

Pear shape: DRAMA – small bust and big bootie, add some major flair to your bust line and think hourglass when it comes to the bottom. 

Big Bust: cut out necklines and square shapes. You already have the goods; these shapes will add contrast and support. Have fun with your neckline; think lace-up or contrasting straps. 


EB Boudoir, Denver


I’ve added a collection of photos with bodysuits for your inspiration here! 

I cant wait to see you rock the suit, babe.

let me know what you have shopped around for—having any trouble? Send me a message would love to help!