5 Things Everyone Should Know About Boudoir

I know there are lots of questions that follow with boudoir, hun. I hear them a lot! So, I thought I would talk about the 5 Things Everyone Should Know About Boudoir.

For me, I think that every woman deserves to look and feel beautiful. Every woman deserves to see herself in her best light in a stunning photograph. And every woman, regardless of size, age, or status deserves to enjoy a true boudoir photography experience.

Boudoir, 5 things


5 Things Everyone Should Know About Boudoir.

Let’s get to know the history! 

Did you know that the term ‘Boudoir’ derives from the French verb bouder (to sulk or pout) or the adjective boudeur (sulking)? It also refers to a woman’s private bedroom, sitting room, or furnished accommodation. The room was originally a space for sulking in or withdrawal too.

I know your thinking, can we all take a moment and pull up the imagery from the 2006 film, Marie Antionette! Oh, those colors, the luxury and romance of that period, and those Macaroons, can we seriously talk about those Macaroons!! It makes you want to swoon or perhaps ‘sulk and pout.’

My intuition tells me that these rooms were a dedicated escape for women, not shockingly, to avoid men! It’s elegant the feeling of privacy, isn’t it—a calm, secret, and serene place designed just for yourself. To pamper, take a break, relax and drift off—just yours. 

Boudoir, 5 things

But, isn’t it kinda like…. porn? 

Hold on, hun…I know it’s hard to get that term out of your head. Is it intimate? Yes! Is it pornography? Absolutely not.

Let’s think about intention when it comes to declassifying both. 

Porn is, in essence, curated, shot, produced, and sold for masturbation. I mean, let’s get real. And I used a ‘nice’ term for that. EB BOUDOIR  is all about empowering yourself. It’s an experience that is meant to build a woman’s confidence in herself to embrace her true femininity. Does that sound like pornography? No.

I’m glad we cleared that up! Rest assured, this is a common misconception.  

It’s for you, not them. 

Now that we have established that boudoir is all about empowering yourself let us clarify why. Intimate portraiture can feel scary as it pushes us into the unknown and our most vulnerable selves. To develop this idea further, I’ll pull from the best on the subject of vulnerability.

“Shame and self-esteem are very different issues. We feel shame. We think self-esteem.” BRENÉ BROWN.

This concept is familiar, and I know that it resonates with many. The undertaking here is a mindset, and we can delve back into the intention. Then I choose my narrative.

So whatever brings you to boudoir, own it! And remember, you don’t ever NEED a reason to explore boudoir photography

Hold off on the lingerie (if you wish).  

There are no rules here! You are bringing yourself. Clearly and simply. Whether that’s in a corset feeling like a million $$ or strutting like a boss in your favorite t-shirt. What gives you confidence is key. 

Through boudoir, we are not underestimating what is possible; we set our intentions for free expression and discovery of the self, our most relaxed, confident, and sexy selves. To pamper is true divinity. We can take from our French Renaissance muses. Envision what this space looks like to you and how you feel in it.

What is your ideal setting? Paint the picture. What does this room look like, what are the objects in it? 

Oh, and look for our most recent blog on how to pick your boudoir outfit or badass boudoir styling guide for more detailed specifics of how to show up feeling organized and ready to slay. 


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You do not have to show a lot of skin. 

You really honestly don’t need to strip down to your skivvies.

What is your fantasy, and most importantly, what are you comfortable with? Define this on your terms. Think about your boudoir session as a form of photo-therapy – it’s cathartic, it’s relaxing, it’s invigorating, and it’s enlightening.

Your photoshoot is a pamper day for you to have fun and explore your confidence. Bring forth to light what brought you here, this natural curiosity and your unique je ne sais quoi. 


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Babe, this unique experience will bring you closer to you. Something you can cherish and hold onto. An expression of your femininity. It feels good to be a woman. Let it shine.