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I’m a girl who loves a good routine! And I even have a routine for the 24 hours before a boudoir shoot

My morning and evening routines are so valuable to me for balance, focus, and stability. I have honestly been adjusting mine throughout the past year as there were so many ups and downs. I was so fortunate to have developed the habit because girl….that pandemic was draining. 


EB Boudoir, Denver


That being said, I am always curious how my bad-ass boudoir babes spend their day and hours leading up to a boudoir shoot with me. I have had many inquiries about what is best to do in preparation and seize the day post-shoot. I got you! 

So, here is a glimpse of what my 24 hours before a boudoir shoot at the Denver Studio would be, and how I would prep and pamper. 


Denver studio, EB Boudior


24 hours Before A Boudoir Shoot 

The Night Before

I would stop working a little early (or at least on time!) No more grinding in a few more minutes for something that can be done my next work day.

I would cook a nutritious meal, satisfying and feel-good for the body-mind and skin! Drink lots and lots of water that evening for sure; hydrated skin is the best skin!

After that, off to my room to lay out all my outfits, maybe a last-minute try on depending if I have a couple of pieces I am still deciding about. I would bring all my favorite options to the shoot because maybe your photographer would have suggestions of favorites of yours as well!

After packing up my little bag, I take a shower and wash my hair the night before. This is the ideal oil consistency for your hair styling in the morning.

Off to bed early babes!! No dark shadows from binging a little too much Netflix…


Fishnets, EB Boudoir

The Morning of

I would spend that quality time with Ellie and take her to school, going for a pleasant and relaxing walk, feeding the cat, and having a small breakfast when I return home. If I got sweaty from the walk, I may hop in the shower again but careful not to wet my hair again. Those locks were cleaned the night before!!

Checklist – I’ve got my boudoir bag with my outfits, and water bottle in the car. Done.

I would grab a coffee on my way to the studio (and let’s be honest, possibly a donut) and meet with my photographer and hair and makeup artist.

Now, the most crucial step, let them take care of the rest!! I’d probably be feeling a little excited/nervous at this point, but maybe it’s just the coffee *wink.


EB Boudoir, Denver

Post Shoot

After the shoot, I would 100% schedule a mid-day lunch with my bestie. I’m all dolled up; this girl needs to hit the town. Boudoir Days are a pamper, self-care day, and I would go shopping for the hell of it. In the evening, I would have encouraged hubby to plan dinner or a date night and let the night take us wherever it leads. 

I also would highly encourage you to share your boudoir experience with your bestie and or partner post-shoot – honestly, make a plan to do so! I think you will be just gushing to tell them.


Make up, EB Boudoir


Babes, tell me all about your routines!

I’d love to hear about it – post and pre-boudoir shoot!! Drop me a line here or tag me in your prep day on Insta @ebboudoir, and if you haven’t booked yet……what ya waiting for, lovie!!?? Book here.