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For The Introverted Boss Babe

Have you ever wondered where you fall into the category of introverted or extroverted? I certainly have. And it’s a little more Introverted Boss Babe.

Introverts tend to be known for their quiet social demeanor. They are usually reserved, thoughtful, enjoy more solitary activities such as reading, writing, and generally spend time alone to ‘recharge’ their batteries.


Introverted Boss Babe, EB Boudoir


Whereas extroverts are very social, ‘the life of the party types, seek excitement, usually quite cheerful, and ‘recharge’ by being around crowds and other people. Pulling from energy to get energy. 

So, Where do I land?

I find myself somewhere in the middle depending on the situation; however, I recharge alone, in quiet, and invest in that self-care time. 


EB Boudoir, Self Care


You probably think – “but don’t you need to be an extrovert to be a photographer and not be shy?OMG yes! Exactly.

So there is a range from which I work. Most creatives can draw on their different energy reserves or types depending on the medium, craft, or project at hand. For example, when I’m editing, introverted boss babe is here, and when I’m shooting extroverted boss babe in action. 

I’m happy to take the lead in a room when there aren’t any other dominant or extroverted people around. Makes sense really, such a massive part of what I do is make people feel comfortable. I’m never shy around clients. It’s the complete opposite.  

Working for myself as a female entrepreneur certainly demands both qualities but pulls a little harder on the extroverted necessities of life.


Photographer, Boudoir


My Introvertedness helps me to think things through in my head, common for visual artists. When I’ve been asked to lecture, lead extensive courses and conduct training for other photographers, that’s where I get a little nervous. Speaking in front of crowds.

There is no cure for nerves or stage fright; ask any model, actor, or public speaker but working from an opposite place counterintuitive to what’s comfortable for me is so challenging!! My goodness, I mean, how many of you have had a similar experience? Maybe meetings aren’t your thing, or you are asked to present something?… yikes! 

All in all, I do the work, of course, cause I’m an Introverted Boss Babe who loves what I do and is so grateful to have these fantastic opportunities. So with that mindset and hat on, I get it done (sometimes with a little helpful coaching – gotta invest in yourself).  

Ready to Book?

So, with that said – I wanted to give a shout out to all the hardworking Introverted boss babes killing it in all areas of their life. All those networking events and meetings are draining. The best thing is adaptation. That’s why I’m a total introvert at my core level, but I must be a chameleon. I adapt to my surroundings.

It’s necessary to be able to find personal confidence in putting yourself out there as an entrepreneur. I’ve had to, through necessity, invest in loving my introversion and finding a way to work with it. 


Boudoir, Photographer


So how about it!? For the much-deserved Boss Babe knocking it out of the park, a Boudoir photoshoot with yours truly at my Denver studio!!!

Remember, come as you are is my motto. Introvert, extrovert, you’ll leave an EB Boudoir boss babe at the end of it. 

Inquire about booking with me today! And let me know what challenges you face in your profession; I would love to hear.