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Like most entrepreneurs, it’s hard to find the balance between life (living it vs. managing it) and work during the year. But Work-Life-Balance is so important to me as an entrepreneur and a mother. 

As you can imagine, certain times of the year are busier for a photographer than others, and I truly love my profession. It’s perfect when you make your passion with your career. So when I see the first leaves of Fall start to turn, and my 7-year-old begins school again, I catch my breath. I sometimes think…did I even stop to breathe last month? 


Work-life-balance, EB Boudoir


I love working, but fall and Christmas are my jam! I’ve begun to think I’m part-elf! Seriously. 

I adore everything Christmas, so I don’t want to miss any of it; having a little seven-year-old makes it even more special. My fondness for this season came from my childhood, of course, and now I get to experience all those memories again through my child’s eyes. Priceless.  As you can tell, I mean business this time of year and….not the type you think. I’m in the business of work-life-balance – elf style.

This boss babe takes time to slow down, reflect and enjoy all the moments with a pumpkin spice latte here and there. I can’t recommend this enough! And whatever time of year is your favorite season; I’d advise just the same. 


Christmas, Work-life-balance


Some tips on Work-Life-Balance that I’ve been practicing are: 

Jingle no bells on my phone- I silence my notifications to my email after 5 pm daily! 

Possibly my favorite method for so many reasons, including anxiety reduction and being present. Productivity experts refer to email as a time bandit, a black hole in which you can end up ‘checking in’ or ‘responding to’ for hours a day. My alternative? Batching emails twice a day. I check it all at 11 am and 4 pm and use that hour or 30 min to get it done. 

Sorry, I’m working for Santa this weekend! No, mam. I do my best not schedule any work during the weekends.

This is the time of year when I prioritize my little girl and being festive. It goes by so quickly! First, it’s Halloween and then Thanksgiving … and boom, November is almost over. Now, I plan and make sure I am very organized leading up to this time of year. It might take some extra time with my calendar and schedule and maybe some long hours here and there, but the reward is always worth it for me. 


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Santa’s workshop is booking up fast! I schedule only five photoshoots in December and all within the first two weeks, so the remaining weeks of the month can be slow and enjoyed with my family. So be sure to book your 2022 session soon, babe!

What would a festive season be without baking!? I have a sweet tooth, and I’m usually pretty good about it, but now I have the time to bake my favorite cookies…..It’s all sprinkles from here on out, lovie. Baking is such a stress reliever, my goodness! My recipe is delicious, not painstakingly long to make, and just darn enjoyable. I’ve left a little gift under the tree here for you to check out – this is my next recipe venture! Let me know if you give it a go.

OK, I’ll stop with the Christmas metaphors as it’s Fall, and we still have some time left. That being said, have you thought about booking with me before the new year is upon us? I’m taking bookings for my five dates in December, but they fill up quickly, so let me know today! Just inquire, and we can go from there. 


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I hope you get to cherish all the time you spend this season doing what you love, what brings you closer to you and your loved ones. And I hope you enjoy the cookies recipe! It would be so fun to see them and let me know if you like them!? Take a pic and tag me @ebboudior