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Ahhh, the life of a photographer. I love to think back on how I started shooting boudoir. 


Shooting Boudoir, EB Boudoir


How we begin, whether it is a passion project, a side hustle, a natural talent, or a lifelong ambition, the art form has utterly transformed from the day I started to where I find myself now.

The newness of all things technology being at the forefront of how photography has advanced throughout the years. It was once a pastime or career for only those with a dark room. To now, every person who owns a smartphone is a photographer. I embrace the incredible shift.

With over a decade of experience, it has been such an asset to be a part of the continued refinement that this art form demands. From lighting styles to advances in editing software to digital cameras continued evolution. It’s a vibrant and imaginative career.


Shooting Boudoir, Denver


How I Started Shooting Boudoir

We must always begin our new beginnings with a story. Or, in my case, a little backstory. 

My origin as a photographer, like most, began shooting jewelry, families, senior portraits interiors for designers – you name it! I’ve done it. Through my lens, I developed my true skill set and refined what I did best through an array of subjects still or live. People. Through portraiture, I found my calling. When I was capturing organic moments in people, whether still or live-action, I was at my best, and that certainly got my attention.  The feedback and energy behind what I was doing drove me into my next venture. 

For years and years, I balanced this hectic, demanding and stressful schedule. I was pretty happy for a while; however, it was starting to take its toll. At the high point and busiest time of my career, I had a 2-year-old toddler, my darling Ellie. Shout out to all the incredible working moms out there! And so, my career as a photographer had landed me in the niche world of wedding photography. 

It was all beginning to sound a bit crazy to my family and friends when I would describe my schedule. Then, of course, my energy was dwindling, and I had less and less time with Ellie. Sound familiar to anyone!? 

If you are ever fortunate to have a change in fate, a lightbulb moment, or an opportunity that changes your direction in life, you’ll feel it. I kid you not. 


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My First Introduction to Boudoir


One fateful day, one of my brides-to-be asked me to photograph her in her bridal lingerie to give as a gift to her soon-to-be hubby! Yep! You got it! That was my lightbulb moment. 

Admittedly this was my first experience shooting a subject in lingerie, and it sounded exciting and challenging. Exactly what I didn’t know I needed at the time—a significant shift in direction.  


Shooting Boudoir, Denver


After the experience, I was enthralled with the process and how incredibly fulfilling it was. The bride was radiant! Observing how fun and rewarding it was for her and the incredible confidence boost it provided I realized, this could just be it. My first introduction to Boudior and I was sold! 

So I dove headfirst, as creatives do, and sought out to slowly fade out weddings, and NOW as fate would have it, this is my one and only. EB Boudior, babes! 


EB Boudoir, Denver


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