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Let me guess, you are stuck on what kind of pose would you do for your session? You catch yourself thinking “Where Did All These Poses Come From?” – I totally get it.


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When we think of posing, it may be a tad bit intimidating, and we find ourselves wondering…how is this tangible? And how would I begin to pose like that and not feel…well, like a ‘poser.’ 

I think the best thing about poses or posing for an EB Boudoir session is that it gives you full license to do just that, strike a pose. Like the cover of an album, a magazine, or an editorial. Not a selfie but close (ish), it has a similar premise.

Let’s be honest. We all take a hot minute to set ourselves up for the right angels and find our perfect light. So, it’s basically posing. 


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Where Did All These Poses Come From? | EB Boudoir

There can be two schools of thought.

Those who are comfortable posing, maybe just something they have always enjoyed and used to do in the mirror or those who haven’t even given the time of day to it. It may have felt unauthentic, and you love people just being…you know, people, no matter how silly or straightforward. 

I’ll tell you something; they are not mutually exclusive.

You can come from either side of the fence, but one informs the other. We can learn from and invoke both. Draw on your introverted and serious side, push your boundaries, strike a sexy pose, or lean in and empower yourself to be silly. This is the magic of posing or, instead, finding authenticity in front of my camera.


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At EB Boudoir, we are in the business of positive body imagery.

If you have explored my boudoir website, you will see an abundance of incredible, and I mean wondrous, women who have posed in front of my camera. We get the sexiest, stunningly drop-dead gorgeous shots. Together. 

As a part of the boudoir experience, I guide you through the process, the room, and we work on poses TOGETHER! Hurray! Not to worry, this is a collective and cooperative effort, babe. 

For example, in a recent Denver boudoir client testimonial, she beautifully noted the following:

What specifically was your favorite part of the experience, and why? 

“I really liked how everything was so well planned out, and Emily had all the outfits and poses assigned to different areas of the studio. It felt like someone with zero ideas of what to do (aka me) could take good pics!”

But you bring the fire babe, I just creatively direct. Vision to reality. You in all your beautiful glory. 

For some tips on prepping or getting in the mood for posing, there are a couple of questions you can ask yourself: 

What does your sensuality say about you? Whatever imagery or words come up, I implore you to catalog them. They can help serve your motivation or drive on the day, or heck, just in the mirror.

What inspires you to be in a sensual ‘moment.’ Perhaps a playlist, an image … a scent?


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Check out our blog on must-have photos.

We note a couple of the must-have photos such as the Portrait, the Laughing Wild, Tushy shot, Dark and Moody bodyscape, and the Full-body-ody. This will help inform you of a series of photographs we can or will take together.

Ready to book? Let’s talk.

So much about boudoir can be misinformed or taboo. I’m here to break all the walls, lovie, so even if it may be a tiny question or just curious about learning more about what I do and why? Reach out here—I’m all about it. Don’t hesitate. 




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