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Let’s talk about those Must-Have Photos

You are powerful. You are a badass. These are the defining qualities of every woman and every EB Boudior woman. And every badass babe needs to have a few must-have photos from their session. It’s just the rule! Lol. 

Let’s dive in to my favs, shall we?!

Full body, Must-Have Photos


Must-Have Photos


The Portrait 

The classic of classics.

This is where you connect fully with the camera and express what is quintessential YOU. In these images, a sense of connection to your audience through the camera lens occurs. Yes, that intended audience may be just you, but the idea is always the same. 

When you evoke certain emotions or capture a feeling, that is when you know you have an authentic Portrait. The shots are usually taken as you would a painting, with your face in full view and looking at the camera, or even looking away- so long as your gorgeous face is the main focus of the photograph. 

Laughing Wild

Who says we need to be serious the whole time?

Smiling and laughing is so sexy! So often, we may judge ourselves for our laugh, or perhaps we don’t even like our teeth or smile, but a REAL smile on women is the most beautiful thing in the world. You know it’s true! Think of the women in your life and their contagious happiness that is generated from their giggles or smiles. It’s truly precious, and that’s the intention in this type of image- to get that truly authentic laugh and smile that comes from it. 

Laugh, Denver Studio


Tushy Shot

Hello, booty! I mean, you came all this way, and you know you love your bum. Even if you don’t, let me help you fall in love, babe. 😉 These types of shots are my specialty. Goofy? Yeah, maybe. But they’re truly so fun!

The rear shot is all about lighting and contour. Your booty has some beautiful angles. With a super flattering silhouette from your lingerie, we find some sexy shots.

But a nude bum is gorg, too! That’s why you have so many options available for your shoot. Depending on your comfort level, this may be an excellent shot for you! 

Dark and Moody Bodyscape

Sultry, soft, sexy. Anything moody prevails a want or need to get in closer as if something is hidden. That is the effect that these types of shots have on the viewer.

There is a lot to say about the beauty and classical nature of a black and white image. However, this iconic boudoir photograph is not limited to just black and white. It can be in color, with the proper lighting and tone. Something is undoubtedly revealed here, that’s why these shots are some of my favorites as it leads to a lot of creativity for both the client (that’s you Lovie) and the photographer.  


Moody, Must-Have Photos

Full Body‘ody 

Embrace yourself!

The iconic statement piece or piece de resistance. I know this may be the scariest because it is all of you, in full-frame. Don’t worry. We will always build up to this and talk through the best poses and angles to get the best shot.

Everybody is beautiful and this is where you will be able to truly see yourself, not hidden. I understand that you will either take this on without a bat of an eyelash or maybe have some reservations. No matter how you step into this shot, trust that I will not let you feel or look anything but incredibly spectacular! Work it, girl! 


EB Boudoir, Must-Have Photos


Now, to gain inspiration and ideas for your next shoot, head on over to the EB Gallery. Feel free to pin the photos you like best from our Pinterest album; that way, when we work together, we can pull them up and have a look at what your vision is. 

So excited to see you!