Why my shoots stop at 60 minutes | EB Boudoir

Hello, lovie.  If you’ve ever wondered why my boudoir shoot is 60 minutes, (at least with me) then this is the blog post for you!

I truly hope you have had a chance to get familiar with what the EB Boudoir experience is all about.  If not, why don’t we just touch on that for a minute.



The Experience

My goal is to help you discover who you truly are and who you’ve always been. She’s usually just beneath the surface and through boudoir, we can have her come out to play.

Every woman is strong, beautiful, and unique – and that’s why I love the idea of you booking with me, because I feel it’s time for you to see it first hand.

A boudoir photography experience is meant to build a woman’s confidence in herself and embrace her femininity. Do you think you could add a little more confidence in your life, love?

Every woman deserves to look and feel beautiful, and that means you too!

Are you excited? I am! This is my passion in life.

Creating this unique and inspiring experience for every woman that steps into my studio is why I consider myself lucky to do what I do. And it is also why my shoots stop at 60 minutes.…I capture everything we need in that time. Trust me, babe. Time is valuable, so I like to be efficient with it.


Why my shoots stop at 60 minutes, Denver

Why my boudoir shoot is 60 minutes

Some may feel that 60 minutes isn’t much time, but trust me. You will have plenty of images to choose from. When visiting me on their Reveal and Ordering appointment, many ladies laugh when they see all their amazing images and ask, “How will I be able to chose?!”

You will have gone through 3 wardrobe changes and poses in a cycle of an hour, and possibly a white sheet or birthday suit look too. With each look, you will have a multitude of images to choose from.

Oh, and don’t worry, I will always be there to guide you through the whole process- telling you where to look, where to place your hands, what your feet should be doing… all those things. No guesswork for you, lovie.

And because I’m coaching you through this whole thing, it goes quickly but it may feel like a mini fun workout, so we don’t wanna exhaust you to where it isn’t fun anymore.


EB Boudoir, Why my shoots stop at 60 minutes

It’s as simple as that

When your 60-minute photoshoot is over, you’re ready to seize the day! And looking amazing btw since your professional hair and makeup is still looking killer. You will feel like a million bucks even before seeing your images.

The feeling after your shoot, I’m just saying, you may want to take over the world or at least show them who is boss.

Schedule the rest of the day with the intention to show off your look! Get that date night in with the girls on the patio or your special someone and really spice up your night.


Eb Boudoir, Denver


Remember, you are already a fierce woman. Your photoshoot presents you the opportunity to reveal all your true colors- to play, laugh and explore who you want to be.

Be sure to check out our client testimonials and experiences so you can paint a true picture of what your boudoir experience will be like.

Lots of love, I cant wait to see you in the studio! Please, as always, reach out if you have any questions.