Client Testimonial | Ms. J

Today, I am featuring a client testimonial by Ms. J.

For Ms. J, this experience was all about self-love and body acceptance. Two things that we, at EB Boudoir, are all about.


Client Testimonial, EB Boudoir


Client Testimonial | Ms. J

What/who made you decide to book a boudoir session?

I had been wanting to do this for years. I just kept procrastinating thinking maybe I’d get in better shape or since I wanted to do it in my home, maybe I should wait till after some renovations, etc. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant and I finally decided I should just do it now so I could document my pre-pregnancy body.

How did you hear about and why did you choose Emily Brault?

Google I think. I chose Emily because I thought her style was just pretty and not cheesy or cliche.

Did anything change about the way you see your own beauty/sexuality/sensuality/body confidence as a result of this session?

I think this helped me with overall body acceptance. Now at 39, I feel a lot less pressure to look like a 20-year-old. These photos helped me to see that I look great just as I am.

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How did the session make you feel?

Confident and sexy!

What specifically was your favorite part of the experience, and why?

I loved picking out the final photos with my husband! Of course, I have always known he thinks I’m attractive – but I felt like such a hottie that day!

Anything we could have done to make your experience better?

Not a single thing!

If you were to recommend us to your best friend, what would you say?

Don’t wait! Just do it!


Denver, EB Boudoir


This makes me soo happy to read through! Each time I catch myself smiling because knowing that this experience helped Ms. J see herself as the goddess she knows she is – now that is what this is all about!

Are you ready to feel that confidence and sexuality that comes along with posing for Boudoir? Contact me today, lovie – let’s make this experience one for you!