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I’ll tell you a little secret- your first photoshoot is your first, not your last. I know, mind blown, right!? So, let’s talk about The Repeat Offender. My favorite kind. 


EB Boudoir, Repeat Offender


Repeat Offender & Why you should be one

Perhaps it’s easy for me to chime in and say you need to be a Repeat Offender. Boudoir is a profession and my absolute favorite thing… so yeah, I’m probably a tad bias. Still- I would love to share a little about what happens to your nerves from beginning to end of your first intimate portrait session.

To start, if this is your first shoot, your nerves may feel like they’re climbing up that first summit in a roller coaster. Excitement and a little fear is in your cocktail for the day, and that’s totally normal! There’s a lot going on babe, so don’t sweat it.

This is the process that anyone and everyone goes through, especially as our photoshoots are revealing not just on the physical sense.

It’s a beautiful journey, and I love the creativity and excitement that happens with every session. However, there does tend to be a grace period when your nerves calm themselves, and you start to feel more confident and secure in front of the camera. So that first roller coaster summit I was chatting about, it WILL come down. Usually, your nerves will chill out in the first few minutes. For 90% of my clients, that’s a very accurate statement. 

 But it’s that next hurdle that many wanna tackle. That, can I push my boundaries hurdle…

That’s usually near the end of the shoot. The end when you look back at your mini coaster and realize, that wasn’t too bad at all… I wanna do more! What else can I do?!



Denver Studio, EB Boudoir



So after your session, before booking another shoot (even though you had such a blast just taking the pictures) we wanna see those amazing captures of your gorgeous self before booking again, right?

So we schedule your Reveal and Ordering appointment, and you’re all excited and NERVOUS to see your images. Yes- that nervous tick is back. What will they look like?! Did I do well? Will I love them? Will I hate them?

No worries love. Another mini coaster again, but when you come back, you’ll see your images and see you kicked ass!!


Your second photoshoot will be fire! 

You have seen your stunning images from your session and proven to yourself that you are stunning… Your guard is down, and you know what to expect and are ready to slay for round #2! 

It is a perfect opportunity to explore more of that core energy you connected with on your first shoot. The second time around, you will have more to give and more to show (and not just physically, love. Not wanting to be nude, DON’T. This is still 100% for you!)

When I say more to show, it could be other outfits we couldn’t rock in your first shoot, or a different hair and makeup look, or a different mood. If you went with soft and romantic looks for the first shoot, we can do sexy and edgy for the second shoot, we could do a different location, we could do nude if you didn’t in round #1. The options are limitless, babe. 

Repeat Offender, EB Boudoir, Denver


Now let’s explore the top three reasons to be a repeat offender at EB|Boudoir.


  1. Location location location: let’s explore a different set, a mood, and play with the theme. 
  2. When congratulations are in order: whether it is your big promotion, birthday, your new engagement, weight loss goal, first child on the way- I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate and showcase this epic moment in your life! Capture the moment’s ladies, cherish the memories. 
  3. If you’re down in the dumps, I feel like I could honestly do a whole separate blog on this topic, but if there is one sure way to remove negative energy and pull yourself out of some deep lows, embrace an experience like Boudoir photography. Take back what you have lost, arm yourself again, and reclaim that confidence. I believe in having full honest conversations with my clients, so if you are going through something and this is a tonic for the cure, let’s achieve this goal together. 


Repeat offender, Discount EB Bodouir


Hey babe, seriously stop holding yourself back-  contact me and let’s chat details. I can’t wait to see you again, gorgeous!