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I wanted to share with you a little something different this round. Let’s talk self-worth


Eb Boudoir, Self Worth


We all have been going through so much this past year; it’s hard to focus. The day to days keep blurring, and yet we do have some hope as of late. It seems we are moving forward. Healing has begun. 

I believe it is crucial that we focus on what matters most and not at the cost of losing sight of our self-worth.

For everyone’s experience is their own. With every journey comes those who we have around us that support and love us along the way. We are all passengers in this game we call life. 


EB Boudoir, Self Love

Self Worth, What is it?

So lovie, what do I mean when I say Self- Worth?

What I mean is, that when I think about love, I am drawn more to the value in and understanding of self-love. This invaluable lesson that we all have to learn and perhaps pass along to each other. This brings me to you. 

I see all shades of light, shapes, smiles, emotion, and insecurities behind my lens. I am so proud of every one of you.

Vulnerability is the act of embracing your true authentic self. That is why I believe through my portraiture; we can start this conversation with ourselves.


Self worth, EB Boudoir


There is no ‘perfect’ anything in this world, and all that pressure we put on ourselves is frankly absurd. I have seen more beauty in front of my camera shooting real women like you than on any cover of any magazine.

This is where authenticity plays a significant role in our perception of our individuality. Who taught us about our self-worth? Was there a moment, a valued friend or family member that acknowledged this? For some, the idea was never mentioned nor harvested. So if we do not value our self-worth, if we have yet to discover it, how the heck do we pass it down? 


Self Worth, EB Boudoir, Denver


Does it come down to belief? I believe so.

Most importantly, you are enough. What we tell ourselves about ourselves needs to be audited—a major overhaul. Self-doubt, regret, insecurity can fester in our minds. This negative chatter does impact us more than you know; it goes so deep that we may be repeating behaviors passed down from our mother’s mother.

I know that’s deep, but in times like these, I think the lens has pointed at us all (figuratively speaking). We have had to dig in and hopefully make some meaningful discoveries lately. 

If we develop meaningful relationships with others, we can ditch the sarcasm and self-doubt and instead focus on uplifting each other. What may seem simple can lend itself to each interaction we have. A small act of kindness can go a long way. 


Self love, EB Boudoir, Denver


It can seem as though the world is working against us, as our self-acceptance and self-love can often be tied to our achievements in life. Who we admire and model ourselves after causes us to compete with each other. Not always in the healthiest of ways nor appropriate context. 

We have yet to bridge this gap within our own community of women, although our conversation has altered and leaned in a more accepting and positive direction. First, we must address our own battles with self-worth, then we must continue the conversation and act.

We can make active choices to lift one another up, and it starts with you. You are enough. 

Much love.