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Folio Box or Album. Question is, what’s your dream? We can start there.

If you are here to empower yourself, you are in the right place.  From vision to execution, this experience does not end at the last click of my camera. 

The boudoir experience brings us timeless moments, ones we can look back on in all their glorious beauty and badass power. 


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The hard part? – choosing how you want to display these incredible images of YOU

After your appointment, we always set up your reveal and ordering session- and trust me, I can’t wait for these.

This is where I get to show you your stunning photos for the first time. I just love the expressions of shock and amazement when you see yourself, maybe for the first time in your most bodaciously beautiful self. You select those images that your adore and simply cannot live without. That’s it!

So how are you going to cherish these for years to come? Are they a gift for your partner or for you? Folio Box or Album? Which to choose… Decisions decisions… It’s truly a difficult choice, but I’ll tell you a little about both. 


Folio Box or Album

Folio Box or Album

Folio Box

Your boudoir folio box provides a classy, discreet, and ultra-sexy answer to displaying, sharing, and preserving your stunning art prints. This is elegance and simplicity in one.

 If you choose one of their three designs, your prints are kept elegantly preserved in a sleek customizable box. Anything less does not deserve to hold such precious material.

There are three quality boxes to choose from The Reveal Box, The Folio Box, and The Legacy Box. So whether you’re looking for something discrete, luxurious or simple, the options are available to you.


Folio Box or Album


The Reveal Box is both a frame and a box. You can show off your favorite photo of your sexy self and keep the rest for later, all in the same place. It’s handcrafted and made from the highest quality Italian leather, giving your photos the luxury it deserves.



The Folio Box (seen below) offers simplicity at it’s most elegant. This super customizable box discretely stores your photos in complete luxury. What’s more alluring than the mystery of a little black box?



The Legacy Box (below) lives up to it’s name. With your favorite photo of your bodacious self printed directly onto canvas or Italian leather, this box is sure to create a stunning vessel for your legacy. With a magnetic lid, this box offers a sure way to preserve your photos the way they deserve to be– in style.



Your luxurious boudoir album awaits, your story told through art.

Customized and tailored covers suited to your desires. Whether your a summer dreamer (creamy linen fabric), a bold and classic chic goddess (refined black leather) or prefer the simpler things in life, not loud but soft, there are several finishes for you to choose from.

Hand-bound in the style of traditional bookmaking, our sleek flush-mount designs are crafted for stability and durability. Images are printed on professional-quality paper, and our premium, heavyweight pages provide a luxurious feel.


Folio Box or Album


Our album pages are luxuriously thick, and each album holds 10-25 spreads (20-50 single-sided pages). Your images are printed on professional-grade, high-quality deep fuji matte or lustre papers. Of course, we can always sneak in a customized text on the back or front of your album, a true lovers’ delight available in three different sizes. 


EB Boudoir, Denver


So, in your boudoir dream, did you envision discretely cherishing your imagery or live out loud and proud in true luxury? For you, there is one desire, a vision, and an instinct.

This experience, this moment, is yours to hold onto for a lifetime. Whether it be a folio box or luxury album, your images are printed, crafted, and designed to the highest quality.

So, trust your instinct, darling, and follow what brings you joy. 


Folio Box or Album


For inspiration and more insight to help you choose your folio box or album, click here for our must-watch testimonial video if you haven’t already! Not only do you get to hear from these amazing women’s previous experiences, but a first-hand look at them reviewing their albums and folio boxes. 

Ready to book your session? Babe, I got you.