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After this year we just had, I thought talking about my favorite self-care would be beneficial! Because, let’s be honest- we all could use a bit of self-care these days.

Now that we can start to imagine and live in the new world around us; our vaccinated reentry into society has everyone jumping for joy. We are almost there. We continue our efforts to build a sustainable, healthy lifestyle that will continue after lockdown and remember what it meant to be separated from our loved ones.

This year took a lot of emotional and mental energy to get through this challenging time in our nation, heck, the world’s history, as we were compelled to review our intimate lives, relationships, and stresses. 


my favorite self-care, EB Boudoir


I hope that your journey was a path to healing and self-love over this mad and crazy year- or really almost two years since the pandemic hit. With that in mind, I am excited and must share with you my most treasured self-love routines. 

My Favorite Self-Care


What an intimate and relaxing activity all for yourself and no one else. To quote Helen Keller,Literature is my Utopia.”

I think the most important and compelling reason to read is that quiet time alone with yourself. For many people, reading can be intimidating, in the sense that they think they ‘should be reading a particular kind of book over the other. Do you remember when many of us read 50 Shades of Grey? I think everyone in the whole world, regardless of their academic education, did. So for all the perfectionists out there (trust me, I know!), just pick up a book and start. 

I used to be all about fiction. Seriously, English Literature major here! I would read 3 books a week (for fun…) Yeah. Book worm alert!! But now, lately, I’ve been loving books from Joanna Gaines, Rachel Harris, and even books on house plants. Yeah. Still maintaining my nerd status everyone!

Next, after my various self-improvement-type books and plant love lit, I will regress back to fiction no doubt. Anyone else love a corny romance novel? (I’m raising my hand proudly.)


Facials and Good Facial Products

What a treat! My absolute must-have ever!

As a die-hard skincare fan booking a facial is the most luxurious pampering I look forward to. The benefits are outstanding, from stress reduction to targeted treatments to help with skin issues. I’ve been battling some really annoying acne and oiliness for years, and lately since I’m nearing my 35th bday this year, I’ve been getting some signs of wisdom aka wrinkles… My gal Mel at Alchemy Face bar helps with all of that. But many clients complain to me of hydration issues, dark circles, and fine lines which can be helped too with some yummy facials.

Investing in quality skincare products that are specific to your skin’s needs is essential. In my work behind the camera lens, I have seen all skin types in all their beauty. I know when a woman is genuinely comfortable with herself, and a part of that is loving and treating her skin with care.

It can be a sensitive issue or topic for all of us; whatever skin issues you have battled, I hear you! It’s not about perfection, and I want to emphasize that we will never have the budget or the team around us to give us that JLo glow. So take it from the French; skincare is meant to be simple and effective, with pure ingredients applied to the skin to let it live and shine in all its glory

My must-have treatments and favorites are: 


Skincare line from Alchemy Face Bar (Especially the Repair Oil. Magic in a flippin’ bottle, ladies.)

Collegan Facial

Quartz Facial

Vitamin C Oils

At Alchemy, they can customize a facial perfect for you. I know you don’t have the same skin as me. None of us have the same skin. We’re all special!! That’s why it would be best for you to just get your tush in and have a chat with one of the Alchemy gals. They’ll hook you up!


Skin Care, EB Boudoir Denver


Moving my body & eating better

OK! So I have had a recent revival of getting into a serious routine and habit of eating well and moving my body for at least 30 minutes a day.

This has played an incredible role in improving my mental health, energy, and wellbeing. Long gone are the days of 6 cups of coffee (or diet coke) to get through the day, which also inevitably led to my mid-day crash and sugar cravings. I admit it, it was all wrong, and I knew the toll it was taking on my health. But seriously, I’m not here to preach what is best for you and your body and that you must do what I do to be well and be healthy; the opposite. Instead, I wish to share my journey and path to incorporating wellness into my life. Better energy, mood, sleep, and focus.  

My go-to daily exercise and what I now eat vs. what I don’t:


Monday Wednesday and Friday’s I’m at the gym from 6am-7am doing weight training

Tuesday Thursday and the weekends are meant for long walks, gardening, and annoying house choirs. That’s exercise, right?


And now the fun stuff, Hair, Wax, and Microblading 

How fun! Gosh, you know that feeling when you walk out of the salon; it’s as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders and you’ve reversed age? OK, maybe not everyone’s exact experience, but there is something to say about how it makes you feel, and that’s the significant bit. You feel good, even amazing, and you feel like a brand new self. Shedding the baggage, a renewal of yourself is what I refer to as a staple of self-care. 

Now some prefer to shave, but I like to wax personal preference. I find it lasts longer, and the feel is a bit painful, but after you get into the habit, it’s like clockwork. 

I see my lady friends at European Wax Center. They rock.

On to my next topic- have you heard of micro-blading? It takes your little skinny eyebrows that perhaps in the 90’s you over-plucked (it was the fashion at the time) and adds a natural, fine pigment applied to the skin that looks like hair. It’s not a tattoo! FYI. A small pen that penetrates the first layer of skin and creates the most amazing-looking brow design. So you get to choose and fill in what kind of brow you would like to have.

I was at my wit’s end with the amount of money and time I spent on eyebrow products, plus, I was bad at filling them in. But once I found this, I haven’t looked back. Of course, this is not for everyone, but you can certainly check it out. 


My favorite salons and go-to gals for treatments are: 


 The Lash Den- Tamara is amazing

Sweep Balayage Bar- Hannah is my girl!

Makeup Application- Sabrina Deemer

Alchemy Face Bar- Mel does ALL my facials

Sola Studios Belmar- ask for Christina to rock your brow-blading

European Wax Center

my favorite self-care, EB Boudoir


So lovelies, let’s chat!

I adore talking about anything self-care and self-love. Feel free to reach out to me for any questions related to services I can recommend to you or if you want to talk about your favorite products!

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Looking forward to connecting, babe.