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If I could pick one look what would it be…

If I could pick one look, Boudoir


Once upon a time, the most amazing woman stepped in front of my camera, and guess what … she’s you.

When you pose in front of a camera, you tell your story, and a part of the boudoir experience is exploring what it means to peel away, unrobe, divest. Or as the french would say, se déshabiller. The process opens our newfound freedom and a fresh take on what is .. authentically you.

Let’s set aside the fairytale we once were taught; you define you.


If I could pick one look, Boudoir Denver


We have the most unique opportunity in boudoir photography. To shed literal and metaphorical layers, get creative, peel away that baggage, reinvest in yourself, and most importantly, have so much fun in the process.

My best advice would be to not overthink what you will wear for your boudoir photo shoot. If I could pick only one look to bring with me to a boudoir shoot, I would 100% invest in a bodysuit. I have spoken about my undying love for these gems before in a previous blog.

But babe, that doesn’t mean we are subject to just one outfit. I would highly recommend combining that with two other looks, such as the white sheet set and a partially or fully nude set. Let’s break it down shall we:


If I could pick one look…I wouldn’t



Bodysuit, if I could pick One look


This is the powerhouse of lingerie and multifunctional (pair it with some jeans and a blazer overtop outside of the studio). Not only do bodysuits flatter all bodies, but they provide the most beautiful coverage to every curve, sculpting the body by creating a uniform shape and sensuality.

Trust me, the camera loves a one-piece, there are many creative angles to play with, and everyone just feels so incredible in them. That’s what I love them the most; they bring out the best in you.

White sheet set


White Sheet, if I could pick one outfit


The most intimate and playful of shots. I know! You would think that the nude photos would be #1. However, how you determine to play around with the fabric, the way it drapes around the body, adds incredible texture and contrast to the pictures.

The images are soft and sultry, delicate or fierce. Whatever version of you is hidden in there (angel or vixen), it’s definitely going to come out in this series.

Think of the classic Marilyn Monroe (by photographer Douglas Kirkland) black and white photos partially nude on a bed with white sheets. She is so playful in these shots. BUT your version of that! We can do either black and white or color. Honestly, they are such stellar shots—one of my favorites.


Partially or Fully nude set


Nude, Denver Studio, Eb Boudoir


It just screams boudoir, doesn’t it?

A highly curated, thought-out, and sensitive set of shots. You and I will work very closely together to establish boundaries, what you would like to be seen or not and how we will communicate during this process.

A truly engaging and inspiring series so worth giving a try. It’s actually a delightful process, and my clients and I tend to laugh a lot.

Shooting this series does not have to always be on your first time with me in the studio—a great sequel to your first round. You’ve already gotten used to the camera and our studio, so now you are a fully-fledged rockstar; you’ll kill it!


Partial Nude, EB Boudoir


Excited? Nervous? All the feels are the right feels!

Do you have any questions? Lets chat!

Your only one step away from your dream boudoir photoshoot. Send me a message, lovie! I can’t wait to connect and see you be the badass babe we both know you are!