Sexy Tshirt as a Fun Wardrobe Option

Introducing the Sexy Tshirt

Sometimes we struggle to find the perfect boudoir outfits, right?

“What do I wear?”  is usually the number one question I’m asked. I usually tell everyone that if you love lingerie, a body suit is perfect. They’re flattering on ANY body type and usually clients aren’t as nervous to wear them cause they don’t show as much…  but what if you’re a client who simply isn’t in to lingerie?

No worries love. Simple solution? A top top or a white sexy Tshirt.

Now, please don’t arrive with a jersey or a big clunker of a tshirt that you pulled from the hamper. I mean a solid color tshirt and usually a white one because they can be slightly sheer which is sexy on it’s own.

sexy tshirt on bed

As long as we manipulate it and play with it so it shows off your curves, it can be sexier than lingerie!! Plus, we can capture images that are playful and tease whomever these photos are intended for.

sexy tshirt tease

Plus, a sexy tshirt has a very tantalizing action that a body suit wouldn’t be able to do… taking it off!

I get it… Sometimes less is more and the mystery goes a long way. The image below with Ms. S taking off the shirt is frozen in time and such a sexy final image for your boudoir shoot.

But, you could go further and have your final ten minutes of shooting in your birthday suit. The choice is yours, love!

sexy tshirt strip

So what say you? Want to do a sexy tshirt shoot with me? Shoot me an email with any questions you have, love. I’m here if you need me.

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