Boudoir Style | My Style vs. Client Wants

When picking a boudoir photographer, it’s super important to fall in love with their boudoir style of photography… This post may or may not be well received, but I feel that it’s something important that I address.

Recently, one of my past clients approached me and told me that she loved her photos but it wasn’t something she was expecting. The boudoir style was different than what she’d hoped. She claimed again and again she adored her photos but it wasn’t the style she thought.

not changing boudoir

I’ll admit, this was something super hard for me to process. Any artist wants their client to be happy with the work they’ve created for their client. Plus, my branding and the daily posts of my work truly represent what I give to my clients so I was surprised she was surprised.

She Loves Them

She repeatedly swears she still liked her photos because it was a side she’d never seen of herself. It was simply that she didn’t think it represented the look she was going for. She wanted laughing, lots of big smiles, and general positive vibes. This woman is a remarkable woman who is totally a shining light, so I 100% understand what she’s trying to capture.

I totally love to get some natural laughing shots because those are always amazing. The majority of my shoots, however, are different. I want vulnerability, romance, mystery, sexy, and a wide range of more serious emotions from my clients. Happy and smiling isn’t something I gravitate to in my work. It’s just not how I’m wired.

boudoir style

Now, why I am voicing this on my blog? Because it’s important for us to understand the boudoir style of photography you will be getting. My amazing client addressed above LOVES her images and I’m so thrilled. She’s getting her book this week and she cannot wait. We’ve even chatted about doing another shoot in the future.

boudoir style edgy

Please Don’t Ask Me To Change

Sadly, I feel that I need to write this… If you’re wanting more laughter, playful, giggly lifestyle type shoot, that’s AMAZING and I’m so happy you know the style you’re going for. It’s just that perhaps I’m not your gal? I’d be happy to refer you to another photographer that would rock that look with you. My mind isn’t wired that way so I want to be sure you love the work you’re getting.

I don’t want to change who I am and what I represent, and you shouldn’t change yourself to fit my style either. It’s a process to find your ideal boudoir photographer or boudoir style and it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

If you enjoy my medium to dark boudoir style, minimal props, and more sexy and vulnerable work, then I’m still your girl, love. But I’m not a skilled lifestyle photographer. My jam is boudoir and I simply don’t want to lie to you to get the job and give you something different than what you were hoping.

I hope you all understand why I wrote this. I truly want everyone to love what they get, even if it isn’t from me.