5 Boudoir Rules to Know with EB BOUDOIR

Rules suck. They’re never fun! But I have boudoir rules in place for a very special reason for my sessions. Trust me… you know the phrase “you live and learn”? Well, I’ve learned from past experiences that these boudoir rules are vital for me and my clients to feel comfortable during their boudoir experience. So here we go!

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Boudoir Rule #1 No Guest During Your Shoot

Boudoir Rule number one- no guests. I’ve had clients ask to bring their bestie, partner, and even children to their shoot. My answer? No- and here’s why.

My blog entitled “Friends Don’t Let Friends Boudoir Together” goes into greater depth about your gal-pal, but in a nutshell, when you have someone else in the shoot, it often times makes you more nervous.

Your friend could be giggling in the corner, or your guy is staring at you cause hey- your doing sexy poses and he’s thinking “damn, that’s hott” and it makes it super hard for my clients to stay focused on my direction and guidance when they’re paying attention to the guest they brought along.

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Also, when more eyes are on you, you may not want to push yourself out of your comfort zone because you’re embarrassed to do that in front of an audience.

If you’re partner wants to stop in and say hi when dropping you off to be sure I’m not a crazy weirdo, or you want your gal pal there to calm your nerves during hair and makeup, that’s totally fine. But when the shoot starts, I have to have them leave for our hour of shoot time.

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Boudoir Rule #2 No Props

I’m not a fan of large props during intimate boudoir shoots. They distract from the focus of the photograph- you. You are the one that we’re documenting, not a catchers mitt or baseball bat. Usually when ladies bring in props it’s meant to represent their significant other. Let me just say that the style of photos that we’re capturing will be loved by your person regardless if there’s a baseball bat in them or not.

If you’re really wanting to do something that would maybe represent your partner, bring a piece of clothing like a white button up, a belt, or a tie to play with.

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Boudoir Rule #3 No Smoking or Excessive Drinking

If you decide to bring white wine or another stain-free beverage, that’s totally fine! Limit your intake to one glass, though. We want to be sure your eyes are in focus during the session and we don’t have tipsy girl face.

Also, smoking is only allowed if it is odorless and strictly for artistic purposes. This My space is small, and I need to be sure we don’t have lingering smells for myself and future clients.

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Boudoir Rule #4 Glitter is a No-No

Although I love the look of glitter on lingerie and bras, I have a terrible skin reaction to the stuff.

It also has a way to stick to everything and it’s super hard for me to get it out of the studio after a session. I prefer that if you’re wanting something shiny that you stick with bead work, sequins and rhinestones.

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Boudoir Rules #5 Mystery is Sexy

Mystery is always better in my book ladies.

I totally love it when women come in and decide to rock their birthday suits at the end of the session. What better time to capture nude photographs, right?!

If the time comes during your shoot that you wanna do this, the only rule I have is that we don’t capture “crotch shots”. You can have your legs open so long as something conceals the labia region.

I also capture implied acts such as intimate touching so long as it is implied only and no penetration is occurring.

I know, heavy and slightly odd rule right? But, past experiences ladies… I have to say the rules to be sure they’re understood and potentially avoid awkward moments in the future.

I’m not an erotic artist.

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The most important boudoir rule- If you’re weird, edgy, romantic, angry- embrace it fully! During your session, I will coach you the whole way but I want to be sure we’re capturing who YOU are and not what you think you should be based on my previous work… This is YOUR turn and it’s time for you to shine, love. If you don’t like lingerie, DO NOT BUY IT. I’m here every step of the way if you need help.

Let me know if you have any questions!