Friends Don’t Let Friends Boudoir Together

Friends Don’t Let Friends Boudoir Together. Girl, I get you! Your boudoir shoot is coming up and you are so dang nervous (everybody is when they get here), so you think that bringing a friend (or your partner) is a great idea. You think having a gal pal or your love there will calm your nerves, give you the moral support you need while you’re stripping down to your skivvies, and, in general, take the edge off.

Ah, hell no!

blonde woman wearing black lace lingerie, garter belt and garters leans against a white dress and looks down at someone just beyond the image

While some Boudie shooters may even encourage their clients to bring a friend along to their shoot, I am a hard no-go on besties or beaus at the boudoir sesh.

I know, I know. “But why, Emily? Why?”

Oh so many reasons, but the biggest is that my clients already show up nervous for their session and, while you may think it might seem soothing to have your BFF standing off to the side while we create your killer images, it actually makes most women feel more uncomfortable, not less.

blonde woman wearing a lace body suit sits curled with her legs up and a hand in her hair looking at the camera with a slight smile

I kid you not! The more eyes on a lady, the more nervous she gets.

Just think about it, though…you’re all stripped down and I’m directing you to “look at me like you look at your boo when you’re about to get nasty,” or something similar and, suddenly, there’s your bestie standing off to the side, giggling as you try to give me your best bedroom eyes. You glance over and catch her giggling and, suddenly, you feel a bit sheepish and you lose the ability to channel your inner sexy beast!

Trust me, we’ll have plenty of laughs without another person hanging out with us because, no matter how you look at it, boudoir poses can sometimes feel downright awkward (even though they look SO good in photos) and this will definitely make us giggle throughout your shoot.

blonde woman with an amazing body wearing a black lace lingerie bra and panties with garters and belt is reflected in a white dresser mirror as she stands before a tall window with sheer drapes

Another reason I always say that friends don’t let friends Boudoir together is that it’s too easy for my client to lose focus and miss my directions if she has a girlfriend there to chat with. I need my clients to be 100% focused on what I’m telling them to do (yes, I’m a bossy bitch!) and they can’t do that if their attention is divided between me and a soul sista.

So if you’re wondering whether to bring a friend to your boudoir session, girl, please don’t! I promise we’ll rock it out much better with just the two of us and I want you to have the best boudoir experience EVER!