Turnaround | How Fast Is The Process After the Shoot

Boudoir Sessions are so fun and uplifting. When you arrive to one of my studios, you get all pampered with professional hair and makeup and we have so much fun! It’s like we’re besties hanging out! But of course, you are here for the photos, so a popular question I get is how fast is my turnaround. You know, how fast will you get to see the goods after the photoshoot…

Well, read more to get all the details on the post session experience, love.

How Fast Do I Get to See My Photos?

Lucky for you gals, my editing turnaround is usually about a week after you’ve rocked your session. If you need to see them sooner, sometimes we can have them ready as soon as three days.


boudoir turnaround on products


What About Product Orders? How Long Will Those Take?

So long as you’ve placed your order and paid for it in full at your Reveal and Ordering Appointment, most orders can be done within a week. For more custom work with custom album covers or folio box covers, we’re looking at a 15 day turnaround time. Still not too shabby, I’d say.

product order turnaround


What If I’m Coming From Out of Town and the 3 Day Turnaround isn’t Fast Enough?

No worries for my out of town clients. I know some of you are coming to Arizona (or Spokane) to just visit me and don’t intend on vacationing for long. For out of town clients, sometimes I can do a next day turnaround or if that isn’t in the cards, we can do an online Reveal and Ordering Appointment.

turnaround for boudoir editing

Have more questions, love-bug? No worries! I’m an open book. Shoot me a message and I can help you choose the ideal date to have your order in hand for the time YOU need it.

Chat soon and until then, Stay Strong, Stay Beautiful, and Stay You!