Let’s Talk Laser Hair Removal | Guest Blog

Ok, babes, let’s walk laser hair removal. I know we have all thought about dabbling in the world of hair removal – I mean, the idea of not needing to shave sounds heavenly if you ask me! So, I thought I would ask my girl, Anna Kershenbaum, of Foxy Laser to answer all our burning […]

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Sexy photoshoot ideas | EB Boudoir

I am so glad you have found yourself here, babe. It means you are clearly in the process of prepping for your Boudoir Photoshoot and need some sexy photoshoot ideas – and I got you covered.     This is a common thought before your session and I honestly think it’s something that deserves your […]

Sexy photoshoot ideas, Denver Studio

Self-Confidence | A Client Testimonial

Self-Confidence is so important, especially in a world of comparison over social media apps. And dating?! Dating has taken on a whole new term with the many apps now available. Are face-to-face dates a thing anymore? I still can’t wrap my head around this one… Ms. C decided to make self-confidence a priority by booking […]

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Raw vs Luxury Boudoir Session | EB Boudoir

Raw vs Luxury Boudoir Session  – such a great question. Who are we underneath it all? That’s what we are here to discuss, ladies. To unveil what you want to reveal is another way to look at it.  There are a couple of variations of what I offer for boudoir shoots, and both are unique […]

A Little Something For Me | Client J

One thing is for sure, lovie – we ALL need to do ” a little something for me “. Client J did just that, and I love it. Self-love and compassion are so important for our personal well-being. We need to show ourselves some love and really let ourselves know just how badass we are […]

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The Repeat Offender | EB Boudoir

I’ll tell you a little secret- your first photoshoot is your first, not your last. I know, mind blown, right!? So, let’s talk about The Repeat Offender. My favorite kind.      Repeat Offender & Why you should be one Perhaps it’s easy for me to chime in and say you need to be a […]

Repeat Offender, EB Boudoir, Denver

Self-Worth | EB Boudoir

I wanted to share with you a little something different this round. Let’s talk self-worth.      We all have been going through so much this past year; it’s hard to focus. The day to days keep blurring, and yet we do have some hope as of late. It seems we are moving forward. Healing […]

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Breast Augmentation- Your Top 10 Questions Answered

My Why Behind Getting My Breasts Done Breast Augmentation…I know. It may seem odd that a woman who constantly preaches about “loving yourself as you are” chose to get her boobs done. Hypocritical- maybe… Worth it for me? Absolutely, ladies. Here’s the thing. I didn’t think I was unattractive before. In all honesty, not to […]

Introducing Sabrina | EB Boudoir Guest Blog

Hi there my lovies… I am so excited to be introducing Sabrina. She is my go-to girl for all things Makeup when it comes to my Denver Studio. She just knows how to make you shine like the goddess that you are, and I trust her when it comes to helping my babes get the […]

The Best Cheat Sheet for Boudoir Prepping | EB Boudoir

I am so frikin excited for you!!  And the day is almost here. You have booked your shoot, so now let’s talk about the best cheat sheet for boudoir prepping so you are primed, and ready for your incredible experience.  I’ve outlined the following cheat sheet into a 3-Step Boudoir Prep Plan! You will successfully […]

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