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Raw vs Luxury Boudoir Session  – such a great question.

Who are we underneath it all? That’s what we are here to discuss, ladies. To unveil what you want to reveal is another way to look at it. 

There are a couple of variations of what I offer for boudoir shoots, and both are unique in varying ways. So the question is, do you want a RAW, unfiltered all-of-you kind of feels or a luxurious walk-in-the-room and turn heads kind of vibe. 

Raw vs Luxury

The most important thing to note is that either way, you are a #bossbabe, and the experience is yours to craft and own. 


Luxury, EB Boudoir


Luxury Boudoir Experience 

Our classic of all classics; fanciful, romantic, sexy, and time out just for you. Your luxury experience begins with a pampering fit for a goddess.

When you visit me, all of my amazing clients have their handwritten signs awaiting your reception. We welcome you to our studio and our exclusive pampering room, where we will go through all of your gorgeous outfits and chat. You are invited to be yourself, get comfortable and relaxed while our talented professional makeup and hair artist starts your pampering.

We get to talk about your experience and what your desires and visions are for your shoot. Our studio is furnished with soft and feminine decorative features; you have time to get acquainted and get a sense of the room. Chic vibes all around. 

Once we are ready to start the shoot, it’s just you and me! We will walk through every pose together, and I always hop in (literally into our bathtub) and on the bed to walk you through certain poses and ideas before we begin! And after that! It’s all you, darling! When you come alive and start to improvise, this is my favorite part! 


Luxury Boudoir, Denver


The fun doesn’t have to stop when we are done with your session! Take advantage of your’ hotty look’ into the evening with a special date night or a glam night out with the girls. A must-do! Allow your pamper experience to take you throughout the whole day, definitely a great excuse to take a half-day or well deserved day off of work 🙂 

I would highly recommend checking out our Welcome to EB BOUDOIR Denver luxury experience on Vimeo. This ultra-sexy boudoir is a perfect vignette of what you can expect from your experience.  

RAW Boudoir Experience 


Raw, EB Boudoir


Let’s keep it real here, as in RAW Real | Authentic | Women

Yes, girl, you know I love my glam and luxury, but this affords a different experience that I believe all women should sign up for. No filters here, #nofilter It’s time we start looking in the mirror and embracing all that we are, flaws and all—because you fabulous, boo!  

I started this project and teamed up with like-minded photographers to embrace women in all their RAW and unfiltered beauty. It’s time we start to break down this fabrication and construct of ‘beauty.’ 

This experience is for the explorers, invoking pure, unfiltered goddess here. Become who you are by being who you are, in its original composition. You are unmasking, an unveiling to the narrative of ‘this is me’ and ‘im here.’ 

Our RAW portrait session is for Everyone and Every – Body: no hair, no makeup, and no fuss. We spend time together finding killer lighting and the most flattering angles as we move around the studio and shoot. I take those photos and do as little to them as possible, converting them to black and white when the mood strikes! 


Raw, Denver Boudoir


So are you ready to get raw or luxury

We have an exclusive offer for those beauties that want to book a RAW session with us. We are offering all RAW sessions for a major discount of only $100! (valued at $300) for the month of JUNE. 

Secure your spot today, before the end of the month!

See you at the studio, ladies!