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It’s all about What to Bring. So, I’m so excited you are here.

The photography experience can be a nightmare of unnecessary stress for a first-time booker when you are unsure of what to bring to your boudoir session or how to prepare!?

Maybe you are the type to plan out everything in advance, or possibly… you’re the girl who is reading this now asking, “wait, I need to prep?” Actually, not much! Hence, this brief guideline will move you from your regular day into your boudoir experience. Ready to rock and knock down the house? Let’s go, babe. 


EB Boudoir, what to bring


Excited? Nervous? What else are you feeling? The best advice I have for you –  “USE IT“! That is the funny thing about nerves; they are just energy. When you can let go of the anxiety, you will feel the nerves like a bolt of energy.

Welcome to your Boudoir Photoshoot!


EB Boudoir, What to bring


Let’s chat a little about what to bring.

The main request I have for all my lovely and beautiful women is; come as you are. 

It’s simple, I know, but this is an experience that dives into an exploration of self and is all about authenticity. You are enough. I know I say this a lot, but it’s true, so whatever vision you had, an inspirational Pinterest board or magazine clips or saved Instagram tags – let it go. We can totally still use it as inspo love, but let’s make it YOU.

When you open the studio door, show up for you. Had a crazy hectic morning; let’s use it! Feeling self-conscious, let’s talk about it, stressed at work, let us show them whos boss. You are the main event; this is your time. You are exactly where you need to be – that I can promise. 

Skin and Hair Prep:

Suppose you book any treatments before your photoshoot (Whoot Whoot, I love me some self-care) or do a DIY facemask, perhaps exfoliation. In that case, I suggest scheduling it a couple of days in advance. Depending on the treatment, it could end up being detoxifying, which is excellent; however, it may cause a couple of bumps or redness that could easily pop up the day after.

Trust your aesthetician’s judgment, and they will advise you what the best time or treatment is prior. Enjoy!! I love a good pamper, and more awaits you when you arrive and sit down in our makeup chair.

A fresh face and clean hair, please! Yep, that’s it, darling: no makeup, just moisturizer, and washed hair. Our incredibly talented hair and makeup stylist will take care of the rest. My post-photoshoot tip: Take advantage of your gorgeous hair and makeup! Book a date night or a girl’s night out that evening.


What to bring, Hair, Skin

Let’s talk wardrobe! Last but not least. 

There are countless ways to dress for your boudoir photoshoot. And I have lots of resources on the blog to steer you in the right direction and find that inspo. So let’s have a look:

My #1 recommendation when shopping for lingerie is the bodysuit. It flatters all body types, all curves, all lengths, all shapes. My fav! 

Fishnets, your favorite t-shirt, you can bring sexy heels if you wish, depending on your style and look you want to play with. Go with what makes you feel sexy vs. what you think should ‘make you look sexy.’ 

Always a big fan of the partially nude and white sheet shots. Those you won’t have to bring anything for, of course. Check out a little about that here. And – definitely check out my badass boudoir styling guide


EB Boudoir, What to bring


Honestly, hun, there is not much to do; after all, it’s just about showing up for the experience. You will be utterly amazed at your transformation through this process. I can’t wait for our reveal session when I get to show you all your incredible shots. 

If you want to learn a little about the experience from your perspective, our most stellar boudoir babe just detailed her experience with us, and we couldn’t have been more delighted. Check out her boudoir experience here. 

How are those nerves now? You ready…Let’s schedule something! Contact me today