Valentines and Covid | EB Boudoir

I know, how can we even start thinking about Valentine’s day during Covid19? Seems crazy, but hun, we need to still spoil ourselves with some serious self-love whenever we can during these crazy times. So, Valentines and Covid – how should we celebrate? I mean, we all I think can agree this year feels just as […]

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Guest Blog | Make-up and Hairstylist

This week, I thought I would mix it up with a guest blog!  This week I would like to introduce, Yolanda Lake. I have worked with Yolanda for the past five years in Phoenix. She – along with only two others – are my go-to gals. Why is that? Because It is so important to hire […]

It’s All About The Location | Eb Boudoir

Let’s Talk Denver When it comes to Boudoir, it’s all about the location. Location is key for getting not only a great shot but also making sure you are comfortable. If you don’t feel great about where the shoot is taking place, you won’t be able to just let go and be yourself. I absolutely […]

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Give the Gift of an Experience | EB Boudoir

For me, when I think boudoir, I think of an experience. So, Why not give the gift of an experience this holiday season? I mean, after the year we have had, who couldn’t use feeling like a goddess. I believe boudoir is meant to build a woman’s confidence in herself. To help her embrace her […]

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The Truth About Self Care | EB Boudoir

Self-care is on my mind today, and especially during this time of the dreaded homeschooling. So, I thought we could touch base on the Truth About Self Care that I wish I had known years ago. I think this is something all of us – a HUGE shout out to you Mamas – could really […]

Emily Brault Never Have I Ever | Behind the Scenes

Emily Brault. That’s me. And I bet you didn’t pronounce the last name right… not unless you’re French. It’s “Bro”. Yeah. The embarrassing “Bro”. Like the stereotypical “Bro” that only surfer boys use. I can’t change it now. It is what it is, but hey! At least now you know. 😉 Today I wanted to […]

Seeing myself in a different light | A Boudoir Testimonial

On my most recent boudoir trip back to Phoenix, I had the joy or working with a handful of amazing ladies. One of those truly inspiring clients was Ms. T. She was so fantastic to photograph and talk to, I really felt comfy around her. She had a no BS type personality. Like most of […]

Top 10 Boudoir Questions Answered

You may think that I get a lot of boudoir questions coming in from potential clients. It’s true, most clients always have a few questions before booking, but in truth, it’s usually the same ones that I tend to get. I thought, why not share them with you and maybe it would answer some questions […]

Body Acceptance- A Denver Boudoir Testimonial

Denver Boudoir Testimonial- Body Acceptance Body acceptance and appreciation is a difficult thing to have nowadays with social media constantly trying to sell us something to make us look better, thinner and wanting to filter every little insecurity we have. It kinda sucks to put it frankly. I’m so thrilled to read Ms. R’s testimonial […]

Denver Boudoir Testimonial with Ms. M

Denver Boudoir Testimonial- An Important Step After a boudoir session I always ask my clients to fill out a little Post Session Questionnaire to help me gauge how I’m doing as a boudoir photographer, business owner, and all around person. It’s a Denver Boudoir Testimonial, really. I want to be sure 100% of my girls […]