Boudoir Studio Refresh

My boudoir studio refresh has happened, ladies…

BEFORE the boudoir studio refresh:

I’ve been at the studio on Speer since 2020. Girls, let me just say it wasn’t the cutest. It had dark blueish grey commercial carpets (that had probably been original to the space). The walls were tan, and the lights? Well… they were nasty as heck.

I actually rented the space without seeing it. I was still living in Phoenix, planning my move back to Denver, when I spotted the listing on Craigslist.

before the boudoir studio

Keep in mind, this was 2020- ladies. Times were hard, but I didn’t want to not have a physical space ready for me once times calmed down from the “days of Covid”. So I had a friend do a walk through, send me a video, and give me the all clear. Green lights were given, and I signed the lease.

Weeks later, I was there!! My moving truck for the studio was close behind too so we had to keep all my studio belongings from the Phoenix and Spokane studios in my garage. It was very odd to have the garage open and have my neighbors see beds, couches, a tub, and hundreds of plants crammed into the side of the garage space. I would just nod and give a small, “hey”. Luckily, no one asked.

The studio took two months to get ready. The flooring team came in, then the painters, and then a friend changed out the nasty panel lights into my cute chandeliers I have today.

The space was painted with my black walls (yep- always have to have the black walls) and white ones as well to balance the space.

It was great! But when the walls started getting banged up from my own shoots, and renters that had come in and out of the space, the studio needed a refresh. I could keep the same feel and just repaint the same colors, OR I could opt for a change.

AFTER the boudoir studio refresh:

I don’t know about you, but I’m the type that thrives on change every once and a while, so boom! That was my decision- let’s change up the vibe. So, ta-dah ladies. After a month and a half, we have turned the space upside down to give a new dark acedemia type feel.

boudoir studio refresh

I’m sure I will be adding more adjustments as time moves on in 2024, but I’m happy enough to share the images with you now. Do you like the new boudoir studio refresh?

Let me know what you think!!