24 Hours Before A Boudoir Shoot | EB Boudoir

I’m a girl who loves a good routine! And I even have a routine for the 24 hours before a boudoir shoot.  My morning and evening routines are so valuable to me for balance, focus, and stability. I have honestly been adjusting mine throughout the past year as there were so many ups and downs. […]

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Sharing The Love | EB Boudoir

Ladies, I am all about photographing your friends. Honestly, there is nothing I love MORE than sharing the love with your friends. So, let’s spread the good word, babe. Let’s bring out your best self, and discover your confidence (that you’ve always had) lingering beneath the surface and help other like-minded babes do the same.  […]

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How I started shooting boudoir | EB Boudoir

Ahhh, the life of a photographer. I love to think back on how I started shooting boudoir.      How we begin, whether it is a passion project, a side hustle, a natural talent, or a lifelong ambition, the art form has utterly transformed from the day I started to where I find myself now. […]

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Where Did All These Poses Come From | EB Boudoir

Let me guess, you are stuck on what kind of pose would you do for your session? You catch yourself thinking “Where Did All These Poses Come From?” – I totally get it.     When we think of posing, it may be a tad bit intimidating, and we find ourselves wondering…how is this tangible? And […]

A Client Testimonial | EB Boudoir

For me, a client testimonial honestly gives me all the feels.  To hear how happy a client is after a shoot is honestly the best feeling in the world. I adore my job and I get excited each time I come into the studio and empower babes to see themselves for the badass that they […]

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EB Boudoir Album | EB Boudoir

Your boudoir session is over, you are so excited about the reveal…so, why not turn the session into a lifelong memory? that is where The Boudoir Album comes in.     I absolutely adore The Boudoir Album. A stunning and perfect keepsake that you can look through post-session and catch yourself just loving the woman […]

The Boudoir Album

The Night Before A Boudoir Shoot | EB Boudoir

So, you are super excited. Like can’t wait, already dreaming up the reveal kinda excited…but you still have some lingering questions. It is totally natural, lovie. The Night before a boudoir shoot is the perfect time to prep and make sure you have all your ducks in a row when it comes to making sure […]

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Let’s Talk Laser Hair Removal | Guest Blog

Ok, babes, let’s walk laser hair removal. I know we have all thought about dabbling in the world of hair removal – I mean, the idea of not needing to shave sounds heavenly if you ask me! So, I thought I would ask my girl, Anna Kershenbaum, of Foxy Laser to answer all our burning […]

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Adore Me | EB Boudoir

Have you heard of Adore Me? Babe, this is quickly becoming one of my FAV lingerie shops for all things boudoir. My closet of goodies for all my gorg badass babes is starting to fill up with Adore Me – and I do not regret it. So, why is Adore Me becoming my favorite? The […]

Adore Me, Lingerie

The Feeling of Empowerment | A Client Testimonial

The feeling of empowerment – something every woman should feel. When Ms. J came into my studio, I could feel her energy right away. I knew she was here for one reason and one reason only. Herself. Being able to get the feeling of empowerment out of this boudoir shoot was a top priority for […]

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