Comfortable in Your Own Skin | Client Testimonial

Are you comfortable in your own skin? Is that something that you can 100% attest to? I sometimes can’t- I’ll be honest. I’m in my early 30’s now and there is a shit ton of conditioning habits I grew up with that I try to break on a daily basis. I think many of you […]

Boudoir Testimonial with Ms. K | Denver Boudoir

A Boudoir Testimonial can be so helpful. When I’m thinking about trying something new or mulling over an important decision, I like to do a little research and see what others are saying on “XYZ” topic. That’s why I love sharing reviews from my past clients to you beautiful ladies. Are you hesitating? I get […]

Black and White Vs. Color Photography

Black and White Vs. Color Photography. Which to choose, right? On one side you have vibrant warm skin toned images which can be ideal for intimate boudoir shoots. Then, there’s the timeless black and white boudoir images that will always be amazing and in-style. But which should you take home with you? Which is ideal […]

Denver Boudoir Studio: For Clients AND Photographers

4 Reasons Why Clients AND Photographers Want to Use This Denver Boudoir Studio In our Denver Boudoir Studio, we feel that every woman deserves to feel sexy. To feel alluring, and simply irresistible in her very own boudoir photoshoot is our ultimate goal. Hun, you were born to flaunt your curves, strut your stuff, and […]

Traveling Boudoir Photographer

Hey ladies. Many of you know that I travel around a bit to visit clients in different states. I love this. Being a traveling boudoir photographer totally has its perks. Not only do I get to visit and offer a luxury boudoir experience to more clients, but I also get have mini adventures and travel […]

Sexy Couple’s Shoot | A testimonial

A sexy couple’s shoot can take on many thoughts in your brain, right? Everyone’s level of sexy is all up in the air because everyone’s scales and opinions are different. Truth? For an EB BOUDOIR couple’s session, it’s entirely up to my clients the level of “sexy” they want to capture. It’s more about connecting […]

Sexy Photoshoot in Denver is Not Just for Him

Having a sexy photoshoot in Denver doesn’t mean it has to be for your partner. Yes. It’s an amazing gift- let’s not lie. But when I have clients come into the studio, I want them to be there for themselves. I want the ladies who visit me to be gifting themselves a little treat because […]

The Photo Every Woman Needs | Raw with EB Boudoir

Today I am feeling inspired to talk to you about the photo every woman needs. That RAW authentic photo that shows the real beauty. One that displays every mark, and every line that helps mold you into that woman I am looking at through my lens. I want to get real with you and show […]

Raw, EB Boudoir

Snapshot in Time with Ms. A | A Client Testimonial

We all crave those moments in time that we wish we could save and Ms. A did just that – A snapshot in time. It was important to Ms. A to be able to capture this moment where she let go, allowed her self to be her and her confidence took over. She saved her […]

The Secret To A Killer Boudoir Session

I can already picture what you are thinking of, outfits. Babe, I am here to tell you to leave those thoughts at home because the secret to a killer boudoir session is letting go and allowing your confidence to come through. Trust me when I say that I know the thought of doing a boudoir […]