The Photo Every Woman Needs | Raw with EB Boudoir

Today I am feeling inspired to talk to you about the photo every woman needs. That RAW authentic photo that shows the real beauty. One that displays every mark, and every line that helps mold you into that woman I am looking at through my lens.

I want to get real with you and show you that no filter can mask your true beauty. There is, after all, only one you in this world. Love, you are an original – own it. 

Raw, EB Boudoir

Let’s Be Honest

Now, I know what you are thinking “easier said than done”. But if I am going to get honest here – which I said I was – I show up daily on my social accounts with 100% truth. It’s me and all me that you get when it comes to my posts. No edited thoughts from me.

At times there may be people who feel I am getting to real and that’s ok- the unfollow buttons there for a reason. I am here to empower women and show you ALL that you are amazing. We need to spend more time promoting our beauty outside of the artificial add ons.

Raw, EB Boudoir

So, I show up, I practice what I preach and it helps me stay real in my message to the gorgeous creatures I get the chance to photograph. Yes you are GORGEOUS.

I love my job for so many reasons but the #1 is to see you all empowered and confident in your minds and bodies. That is why RAW is the photo every woman needs. The photo where you KNOW that it’s 100% you.

Raw, EB Boudoir

RAW Photographers (Real Authentic Women)

I joined a group of photographers who are all striving to take women as they are. To show them the beautiful woman that is always there but often times shying away due to their insecurities and doubts.

We all have insecurities. I know this and I am not saying to just stand up and shake those off. It takes time to untangle the conditioning we’ve been brought up in. What I am saying is, take a chance on you. Do something for you. Be honest and unfiltered with yourself, love. You won’t regret it.

And remember, it is just you and me here. I am that cheerleader if you need me, but I know you have it.

Raw, EB Boudoir

My goal here is to spend time with you and shoot you from the most flattering angles with the most killer light. I can find and I will find it.

So, let’s say f!*k the filters (excuse my french).  It’s time to get RAW! A session for every woman out there of every color, shape, and size. Say no to hair and makeup, just show up as you.

Raw, EB Boudoir

I am here to ask – isn’t it time we all got a little Real with each other? And if you are unsure, you can email me any questions or reservations you may have at