Sexy Photoshoot in Denver is Not Just for Him

Having a sexy photoshoot in Denver doesn’t mean it has to be for your partner. Yes. It’s an amazing gift- let’s not lie. But when I have clients come into the studio, I want them to be there for themselves. I want the ladies who visit me to be gifting themselves a little treat because life is tough and we need to celebrate who we are repeatedly.

When Ms. C came to the studio, she shared that her wedding day was coming up and with all the stress of planning a wedding with Covid-19, she wanted to do something for her and her groom both. I’m thrilled she did.

Continue reading below to hear what she thought on her EB BOUDOIR experience.

Sexy photoshoot in denver


What or who made you decide to book a Denver boudoir session?

I have always wanted to do a boudoir session so when I got engaged I thought it was the perfect time! Not only did I want to feel sexy for my fiance, but also I wanted to feel sexy and confident in myself! I’ve always struggled with body image and I felt like this was the perfect way for me to feel empowered in my own skin.


How did you hear about and why did you choose Emily Brault?

I loved her photos of course but I also really loved the way she spoke about women! She is such an advocate for empowerment and confidence in women and you could tell from her website and reviews that her priority was to help women feel confident and be themselves.

sexy black and white photoshoot in denver studio

Did anything change about the way you see your own beauty/sexuality/sensuality/body confidence as a result of the session?

Yes! The whole process of choosing outfits, and taking the pictures and then getting to sit during the reveal was so incredible. I felt like a million bucks when I saw the photos and during the photo shoot, I felt like I could relax and finally show that side of me that I was too shy to expose before. Instead of telling myself that I could never be one of those confident girls, I found myself thinking that I was worthy and beautiful.


How did the sexy photoshoot in the Denver studio make you feel?

The session made me feel so empowered and sexy! But even more than that it helped me feel in control, and it allowed me to love myself un-apologetically. I felt worthy of attention and I felt worthy of the compliments I was getting. I felt like such a unique woman with a lot to offer.

bath boudoir in denver

What was your favorite part of the experience and why?

I loved feeling confident and beautiful in clothing that I would never have bought for myself before. Shopping is hard and woman can be so hard on themselves about fitting into the perfect outfit! It felt good to strip all that away (literally!) and just feel so good in my skin and body.


Anything we could have done to make the experience better for your sexy photo shoot in Denver?

No! This experience was more than I could have hoped for and I will be recommending EB BOUDOIR to every single one of my friends!

sexy black and white boudoir photo in denver

If you were to recommend us to your best friend, what would you say?

She gets the time to get to know you on a personal level even before you meet in person! I felt so comfortable from the beginning, as if I was taking pictures with a friend I’ve known for years. I felt empowered with all the outfits and poses and she goes out of her way to highlight everything you love about yourself. She found ways to highlight parts I wasn’t super confident with, and made me love them!


Ok, love. So now that you’ve read Ms. C’s thoughts on her shoot, are you ready to book yours? Do you have some questions that you’re dying to ask? Ask away! Click here to submit any questions you may have.

If one of your questions is what do I wear? Click here. That’s probably my #1 question.

Either way, thank you for reading and I hope to hear from you at some point, girl.