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I am so glad you have found yourself here, babe. It means you are clearly in the process of prepping for your Boudoir Photoshoot and need some sexy photoshoot ideas – and I got you covered.


Sexy photoshoot ideas, EB Boudoir


This is a common thought before your session and I honestly think it’s something that deserves your attention, but I also don’t want it to take away from your excitement or for it to take up too much mind space on the day of your photoshoot. This day is all about you, babe. I want to make sure you feel like the badass that you are from head-to-toe. That is why the minute you walk into my studio the pampering begins, including makeup and hair.


Sexy photoshoot ideas, Bodysuit


So, with that, grab your notebook, love, and let’s start planning those perfect looks!

If you find yourself still stuck for ideas after a few of my favorite suggestions below – be sure to take a look at my Badass Boudoir Styling Guide. Trust me, this is a lifesaver when it comes to all things outfits and the dos and don’ts of the boudoir outfits. 

Sexy Photoshoot Ideas

Fishnet and Pasties

Now, this is probably one of my personal FAVORITES! The Fishnets

Fishnets are a great way to add a bit of edge to your shoot if that’s what you’re looking for. They also hit women at the smallest part of their waist, creating that stunning hourglass effect we all love to see. It does wonders for your photos.

If you’re anything like me, I’m not a fan of my skin. I’m impossibly pale which also allows you to see all those pretty little veins. Yeah, I’m working on loving them, but the fishnets distract the eyes from them which I adore (just a little secret I thought I would fill you in on).

I truly wish I could send a massive thank you to the creator of Fishnets – they honestly are one of my favorite additions to a shoot. But, no one is really sure who invented them. So, whoever you are, THANK YOU!

And, honestly, it does not need to stop there. You could also add some nipple pasties to the mix. Trust me, babe, those little guys do magic if you’re wanting something to push the sexiness boundary. They almost feel naughty. Lol. So fun.


Fishnets, EB Boudoir

White Sheet Only

Hun, trust me when I say we can make a sheet look sexier than you think.

This is the perfect accessory to a topless boudoir shoot especially if you’re not too comfy on showing more than just a little bit. This is all about what makes you feel sexy, remember that. 

There are so many ways we can play with it such as a wrap-around, or even a cover-up for that certain something you would like to leave to the imagination. Whatever it may be you want to be covered up or not – the sheet is your friend and it looks insanely gorgeous.


Sexy photoshoot ideas, Sheet

The Unsuspected

Now, maybe lingerie isn’t your thing or you just aren’t feeling the whole sheet vibe. That is ok – because a white t-shirt or your favorite Calvin Klein bra, and a pair of undies look just as sexy.

Again, I cannot stress this enough, this session is about YOU and what makes you feel sexy. If you aren’t feeling sexy it will show in your images. I will do my best to help coach you through, but at the end of the day, it is so important you feel your best.

With that said, I would ask that you do not show up with your favorite old College Tee that you sip your morning coffee in and has holes from the many loads of laundry it has seen in its day. If you feel like you don’t have a tee that would work, I got you, hun. So, let’s just leave that one for those morning sips. There are so many ways we can manipulate a cute tank top or white t-shirt into looking like a masterpiece that was effortlessly put together.


White Tee, EB Boudoir


A Mask

Yes, you heard that right. A mask.

This brings a total spice to your shoot that you don’t see often and that is what I love about it. And no, when I say mask I am not thinking Marie Antoinette. Think sexy and sultry with a little bit of lace. It could be as simple as a ribbon across your eyes and nothing else. You would be surprised at how this changes your image into something powerful and sexy.


Mask, EB Boudoir




Just your Birthday Suit

And, of course, last but not least and one of my personal favorites. The Birthday Suit.

We are all beautiful just as we are. We are truly are our best asset. I understand it is not for everyone. But trust me, babe, we can make sure to keep what you would like hidden and leave the imagination running. This is a great look if you are gifting this to yourself or a special someone.

My past clients who have dared to rock the birthday suit option have raved about going nude for the final portion of their shoot. Some would say that there would never be another point in their lives where this opportunity would be available to them again, so “why not now?”


Sexy photoshoot ideas, EB Boudoir


I won’t lie. It can be scary to throw caution to the wind and strip down naked. So, I don’t blame you for the hesitancy!

Either way, you are going to look gorgeous no matter what outfit you decide to go with on this list! Whatever you decide, I am 100% here to guide you through the day. So do not be nervous. You’ve got this!!

Chat with me if you have questions! Would love to hear from you.