Shopping on Amazon | EB Boudoir

Now I know this is something we are all guilty of doing… Shopping on Amazon.

We say we won’t…but we always catch ourselves surfing the amazon deals whether it is during our breaks at work or during that late-night evening shopping fix.

I do have a sexy lingerie wardrobe full of gems for all my babes, but if the closet isn’t for you and you don’t want to break the bank shopping for that perfect piece for your shoot – Shopping on Amazon is honestly the next best place.  It allows you to still get those sexy pieces you are dying to rock in your shoot while also keeping things affordable.


Shopping on Amazon, Denver

Shopping on Amazon | For Your Boudoir Shoot

When we shy away from certain brands like Victoria’s Secret, Castle or my personal fav- ADOREME, we just want to keep in mind the quality. When we are looking to make a more affordable choice that is intended for the shoot only and not for several uses – Shopping on Amazon is perfect. 

If you are looking to add a little more to your lingerie collection not only for your shoot but to also use outside of it for those special occasions or when you are feeling that urge to add a little extra under your outfit that night – be sure to check out my blog finding the perfect lingerie for your boudoir shoot. I dive into some of my must-have pieces and favorite stores to snag them from.

Now, let’s be honest – online shopping is always fun when it comes to scrolling and looking at all the different options of lingerie that are out there. But when it comes to shopping on Amazon for your boudoir shoot there are only a few items I would stick to…


Shopping on Amazon, Bodysuit


Pasties with Fishnets

Now, this one is for the more edgy babes.

I must say, I LOVE myself some fishnets paired with a sexy set of pasties. It captures something completely different that is both sexy and bold

Fishnets add a bit of edge to your shoot and they hit ladies at the smallest part of their waist helping to create a stunning hourglass effect. Pairing them with pasties also keeps that edgy look instead of adding a t-shirt or another piece of lingerie over top. Sometimes I find when we take away from the fishnets we don’t quite get that edge we were going for. The pasties are just that perfect amount of extra to keep us in the realm of edgy.


Fishnets, EB Boudoir


The Bodysuit

The bodysuit, also known as a ‘one piece’ – comes in all styles. And this is an option honestly everyone should do.

It may be strange at first, but these babies honestly are the most flattering for every female form and can be found pretty much anywhere – hello Amazon! These pieces are a hot item for a reason, so it’s no wonder everyone is selling them. And on Amazon you can find a few options, so the chances of finding one you don’t like…pretty slim.

Another perk about these is that they provide the most beautiful coverage to every curve and highlight all the right angles. So, if you are feeling a little shy and the fishnets/pasties combo is a bit too bold – this one would be the perfect option for you, trust me.



Thong and Cropped T-shirt 

Now, this look is for the more casual babes and an easy find on Amazon.

Sometimes less is more and the mystery goes a long way. So we decide we want to keep it a little simpler – and I am for it. My suggestion when it comes to a more casual and simple look is always the cropped t-shirt and thong.

This look can be sexier than lingerie!! As long as we manipulate it and play with it so it shows off your curves and pair with a thong that pops – I am all about a colored thong, but I also have ladies who have opted for a more subtle look of black lace…both look sexy.



Now that you have your amazon wish list ready to go – shall we get you booked? I cannot wait to show you the badass babe that you are (even on a budget..we can make sexy happen here at EB Boudoir).

And just a reminder, you make the images what they are and your outfit is just an extension. So whatever you feel good in will truly be what makes your session come to life.