Let’s Talk Laser Hair Removal | Guest Blog

Ok, babes, let’s walk laser hair removal.

I know we have all thought about dabbling in the world of hair removal – I mean, the idea of not needing to shave sounds heavenly if you ask me!

So, I thought I would ask my girl, Anna Kershenbaum, of Foxy Laser to answer all our burning questions.


Laser Hair Removal, Denver


Let’s Talk Laser Hair Removal | With Foxy Laser

Laser Hair Removal | What is it?

The laser machine sends waves of energy deep into your hair follicles and they heat up leading to their natural growth cycle becoming impacted.

From there, your hair follicles become damaged and start to shut down. Because of this, your hair grows back finer, thinner, and lighter. Then less and less hair grows back and your skin becomes soft, smooth, and healthy – Can I get a Heck YES!

I have two different lasers, manufactured by Cynosure. I have an Alexandrite which is best for lighter skin and Nd:YAG which is best for darker skin.

The best part is – I can treat all skin tones!

One thing to note is, being treated with the correct machine is crucial.

I encourage everyone to do their own research, go to consultations, make sure you feel good about the technician doing your treatments. These can be intimate services and it’s important you feel comfortable.

Some of the bigger chain places don’t take the time that I do and you get a different person every time. Too many times I’ve seen people receive bad treatments and they didn’t know much about it, to begin with, and they weren’t told anything.

My business is just me so you’re getting a much more personal treatment than most places.


Before & After, Foxy Laser


What to Expect

Your hair will grow back slower, then it’ll thin out. The hair will become softer and sometimes if it’s dark enough, the laser will pull some of the pigment out turning the color lighter.

You will become patchy. Some hair here but not over here and it’ll change after every treatment. Do not be scared of that, it is a part of the process.

Remember, we are getting through layers of hair. It takes patience. Your skin will smooth out and you will have no irritation. Ingrown hairs GONE. Razor bumps GONE – Hello Dream! 

If there are no thick hairs or hairs at all, then there is no risk of ingrown hairs. 

Recovery Time

You want to stay out of direct sun exposure before, after, and during the course of treatment. Preferably 2 weeks out of the direct sun.

People go on vacation all the time, I just ask that you let me know and we plan your treatments around sun time. The laser is warm, it emits heat and your skin holds that heat so it’s typical to turn a little pink/red/bumpy right after treatment. That dissipates within the day or the next day.

You don’t want to perpetuate the heat, so avoid any kind of activity that gets your body hot:

exercise, sports, hot tubs, steam room, swimming, and so forth for the first 24 hours.

Anything cooling for the skin like aloe vera, cold towels, or ice packs is great to use to help that heat come down.


Hair Removal, Foxy Laser


When it comes to laser, it is warm but waxing hurts worse. Laser is pretty quick because my handpiece is covering a good amount of surface area in one zap. This isn’t very tedious, it’s not one hair at a time type of thing. Feels a little bit like a rubber band snapping.

The typical length of appointments is 30 min, if you’re doing multiple areas then a little longer. I have a chiller machine with a handpiece that blows out very cold air. It is attached to the laser handpiece so there is cold air blowing while I’m zapping. I put aloe vera on you after I’m done and make sure you are cooled down enough with the chiller before you leave.

Laser can be done anywhere you have hair that you want gone. I laser everything as long as the hair is dark in color.

Remember, the laser is looking for pigment so if the hair is blonde, white, grey, or red..unfortunately, there isn’t enough color down to the follicle for the machine to understand that it’s hair. If you aren’t sure if your hair is dark enough come in for a consultation! 


Denver, Foxy Laser

Before & After, Foxy Laser


Foxy Laser, Denver

Before & After, Foxy Laser


Is Laser Better Than Waxing?

Um yes!

With waxing, you are going about every 4-6 weeks for a long time. With laser, you will not be coming in every 4 weeks at some point. I start with 4-5 weeks in between in the beginning.

As follicles start shutting down, hair grows in slow and thin, in-between appointment times will start to look like 5-8 weeks or more. You will not be coming in forever like with waxing.  Progress is made after every treatment with laser, but with waxing your hair grows in the exact same every time. If you struggle with bumps and ingrown hairs, laser is the only treatment to help. 


Laser Hair Removal, Denver


Laser affects everyone differently and at different rates.

Aging, hormone fluctuations, and genes are not something we can control so being realistic are important. You could have a couple of hairs that are stubborn but they will be very thin and fine. It will all depend on the person.

Laser is permanent reduction forever and it will change your life. The number of treatments varies as well. 12 treatments is a baseline. People will definitely do more than that sometimes.

I also have clients that come in a couple of times a year for maintenance and have treated others who I’ve never seen again.

Laser will give you the manageability, convenience, and freedom you deserve. We don’t have time to fit in that last-minute wax or spend 40 minutes shaving in the shower, and especially if you are prone to irritation/ingrown hairs, no thank you!


Denver, Foxy Laser

Before & After, Foxy Laser


Denver, Foxy Laser


If you want to put on a tank top, shorts, bikini—whatever it is and go live your life without having to prepare for hair removal, laser is your answer. 

I offer personalized in-depth consultations where I cover all of this and more. It’s very important that my clients are taken care of and part of that means being informed and having the right information.  I’m happy to answer any and all of your questions in the consultation!

I can’t wait to meet you, 



So wow. Are you ladies ready to chat with Ms. Anna? I know I am…