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Have you heard of Adore Me?

Babe, this is quickly becoming one of my FAV lingerie shops for all things boudoir. My closet of goodies for all my gorg badass babes is starting to fill up with Adore Me – and I do not regret it.

So, why is Adore Me becoming my favorite? The reasons are endless but I thought I would give my top 4 reasons. And if you aren’t hooked by the end of this blog, I am sure you will be when you try on one of their gorgeous pieces on from  inside my client closet.


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Why Adore Me is one of My Favorite

The Adore Me Fit

The fit honestly cannot be beat.

Not only do they offer a wide range of sizes and styles from petite to plus but their fit is always perfect. They sell in matching sets which are perfect for those boudoir sessions (I love a matching set). Their lace designs are gorgeous and feel like higher quality.

When it comes to support and fit, their bras have great support and best of all they are comfortable – and I think we can all agree, a comfortable bra is a must!

They also come in a lot of different colors which I honestly love because as much as Black and White lingerie is classic, I do love me a red set or emerald green. Color can honestly be the finishing touch when it comes to. the fit of lingerie on your body.

One of their favorite sets of mine for fit is the Kaye

Customer Service

This is key for me. If I am ordering online and I am unable to try it on or even see it in person – good customer service is a must.

It happens, we order a piece we think is perfect for us but when it arrives the shade is a bit different or perhaps the texture isn’t really what you were looking for so now you need to return it or ask what the next steps are. Adore Me does this VERY well.  Even though we can’t try it on in person, they offer an amazing and easy return/exchange option.  This is a total seller for me since I am often buying lingerie for my client closet – so there are, at times, when it arrives I just feel it’s not the perfect fit for the closet.

The best part? They have a 30 days return/exchange. So you have a little time to really think it through before hitting that return button instead of that 7-day window you see your larger lingerie shops.


Adore Me, EB Boudoir


Sexy Options, but Practical

The trends for lingerie this year are really focused on soft cup bralettes and high leg clean edge underwear inspired by the lush era of the ’80s.

Adore Me helps you find sexy but practical options that fit right in with the trends. It makes it that much easier when it comes to the decision-making process when you know the shop is current.

The Veronique Unlined is another one of my favorites.

This set has you harnessing all your fiery energy. The perfect set for a boudoir session and honestly, I think this would be one you would want to rock under your outfit when you leave the studio – why not keep that fiery going post session?


I find this one to be important, especially if you are shopping just for your session and not planning on rocking your lingerie outside of that.

 With their focus being on selling high-quality designs for a fraction of the price, this is one of the main reasons Adore Me is at the top of my list and I think this is something we can all be happy about.

Lingerie can be crazy expensive. Don’t get me wrong, I think some pieces are truly worth the investment – especially if you are going to be wearing the pieces more often than once and perhaps for a special someone.  But, when it comes to your session I am all about being affordable and taking into consideration how much you are spending while also still getting yourself a good quality look. Adore Me hits the mark.


EB Boudoir, Adore Me


At the end of the day, we all have our favorite spots but I felt like sharing my top fav right now because the “what should I wear” is honestly one of my most asked questions. So, why not help you narrow the field?

As always, if you have any questions about boudoir or any more burning questions when it comes to Adore Me – you know you can always email me, love.