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So, you are super excited. Like can’t wait, already dreaming up the reveal kinda excited…but you still have some lingering questions. It is totally natural, lovie.

The Night before a boudoir shoot is the perfect time to prep and make sure you have all your ducks in a row when it comes to making sure your shoot goes off with a bang (As much as possible).


The Night before a boudoir shoot, Denver Boudoir


I mean, don’t get me wrong, things pop up – but that’s why I am there! To help guide you through. When I say “The Night Before a Boudoir Shoot”, I am more so referring to the things you can control on your end to make sure you feel ready and are not worrying about anything other than how gorgeous you are going to look while rocking your session – which by the way, we will also help take care of with our amazing hair and makeup team!

So, get your pen out, and let’s dive in.


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The Night Before A Boudoir Shoot | The Prep List

Shower and Dry Hair or Let Hair Air Dry

I know this seems pretty straightforward, but trust me, people do think coming with the day-old hair may be better for styling – and I am here to say that is a no-go on our end.

When you have a shower the night before and either dry or let air dry you are allowing the perfect amount of natural oil in your hair to form for the following morning. So just remember, not to clean, not too dirty – that’s the trick for the perfect styling when it comes to hair.


Hair Styling, Denver Boudoir


Try on Each of The Looks You’re Bringing

This one is important. I know with all the excitement, at least for me, things can get forgotten and there is nothing worse than forgetting that perfect bralette on the dresser.

Now don’t get me wrong, it is totally ok to bring lots of looks – we love this! The more options, the better. We will make sure to narrow it down to your top 3 looks and if you find you just aren’t feeling some of your top picks you brought from home, I have my amazing closet of treasures you can also take a look through. Either way, I am here to help you decide.

The reason for trying on the night before though is so you don’t forget a little accessory that has to go with it! For instance, you have that amazing bra and garter set, but you forgot the stockings! And if you find yourself stuck for ideas, take a peek at our Bad Ass Boudoir Styling Guide. It might help you narrow down the night before.


The Night Before A Boudoir Shoot, Denver


Plenty of Rest

It is important that you get in plenty of rest before the session. So, the night before maybe don’t schedule in a girl’s night – we for sure don’t want to be drinking or going out too late as this can play into your eyes and skin having that puffy look.

The night before is the perfect night for some self-care. Have that bath you have been thinking of, wash your hair, and cozy up with your favorite blanket, a cup of tea, or hot lemon water, and watch one of your favorite Fall movies (Hocus Pocus anyone?!).

Besides, a girls’ night is best saved for post-shoot when you have all your glam done! Trust me, you will want to take your badass self out on the town after getting glammed up.


EB Boudoir, Denver Studio

Nails Are on Point

This is a very commonly asked question by my babes – “should I get my nails done before my shoot?And the short answer is yes or no.  The most important thing when it comes to your nails is that they do not distract from the photos themselves. We want to make sure our nails are on point.

A great choice is a black or nude set of nails. They also happen to be a perfect fit for those fall trends. But, in all honesty, I actually prefer black or nude because you want to stay away from anything that is too overpowering, but just enough that it adds to the look.

The only thing I cannot say enough is – no chips! The last thing you want is for you to be looking like a goddess, but you can’t stop staring at the chipped nails on your right hand (this also includes the toes!)

Nails, Boudoir Session


Now that you are perfectly prepped. It’s time to let the excitement set in – and I am right there with you! Boudoir is an experience to help build your confidence so that you can embrace your true femininity. It doesn’t matter your shape, size, color, or life status – boudoir is simply a fun, pampering girl-day with an old friend – and now you are ready to rock it.

Looking to still book your session? You are in the right place, babe. Contact me and let’s get you booked in for your Denver Session.