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Your boudoir session is over, you are so excited about the reveal…so, why not turn the session into a lifelong memory? that is where The Boudoir Album comes in.


The Boudoir Album, Denver

The Boudoir Album


I absolutely adore The Boudoir Album.

A stunning and perfect keepsake that you can look through post-session and catch yourself just loving the woman you see on those pages. Which by the way, is you.

I mean, could ask for anything better? And not to mention it makes a great gift for that special someone and with Christmas right around the corner, why not check it off your list.

The Boudoir Album | EB Boudoir

The Boudoir Album, hand-bound in the style of traditional bookmaking, has a sleek flush-mount design that is crafted to last for years to come.

Your images are printed on professional-quality paper, and EB Boudoir’s premium, heavyweight pages provide a luxurious feel. It is important that we design your album to include all of your favorite images.


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So, what exactly are the boudoir albums made of? Babe, I am so glad you asked! Our elegant albums are designed to be of the best quality. Elegantly presented in either fabric or leather –  the EB Boudoir albums are instant heirlooms that you can hold on to for years to come.


Standard Leather

We use standard leather that is made of gorgeous and sleek genuine Italian full-grain leather. They feel as soft as they sound. Trust me.

And the best part? The leather is moisture resistant. So, if you knock over your favorite cocktail while sharing your images with your loved one, don’t stress – the leather will be able to manage a little spill (don’t get me wrong, you do not want it to take a swim but it will be ok if it gets a little wet).

This option of a leather album will also age beautifully. Perfect gift.


Maybe linen is more what you are looking for or perhaps you prefer fabric over leather – well, we have the option for you.

The linen chosen for our boudoir albums is made of a beautiful textile blend and features an assortment of colors to highlight your imagery – after all, your photos are what turn this album into true art so we need to make sure they work together to create something breathtaking.

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The suede album is personally one of my favorites. Such a timeless look. Suede honestly holds a style of its own.

The suede chosen to be used for the covers is made of nubuck with a sleek texture that has a look of elegance and sexiness wrapped in one. Keep note,  due to the soft nature of the material, the suede covers may scuff more easily than say leather or linen.



And lastly, the element of romance. The Velvet cover.

If you decide to go with our velvet option, you will not be disappointed. The velvet is an exquisitely soft feel and as a bonus, it has a water repellent finish. This is so important when dealing with velvet as it is easier to have those unwanted watermarks if you happen to get a little moisture on it. But, not something you will need to worry about with the feature of a water repellent finish.  The material is also durable and will make sure to keep your beautiful images bound safely inside.


The Boudoir Album, Denver

The Boudoir Album | Products of EB Boudoir


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Now that we have covered what these sleek and beautiful pieces of art are made of, how does it work to get your hands on one? Well, babe – I got you covered.

Simply choose your favorites and we will create a custom album design for you to approve. Once we get the go-ahead from you that you adore your photo layout, we will submit it for printing! Simple, stress-free, and luxurious – just like your session.


The Boudoir Album, Denver

Leather, Linen, Suede. and Velvet Boudoir Albums | EB Boudoir Products


EB Boudoir, Bed, Denver

Now that I got you all excited about the finishing touches of your session – are you ready to get yourself booked in? I promise you babe, no regrets.

Contact me today and let’s get your memories bound into something you can look back at and fall in love with yourself all over again. Because babe, you are beautiful and you deserve to treat yourself to something that will be yours forever.