Client Testimonial | Ms. J

Today, I am featuring a client testimonial by Ms. J. For Ms. J, this experience was all about self-love and body acceptance. Two things that we, at EB Boudoir, are all about.     Client Testimonial | Ms. J What/who made you decide to book a boudoir session? I had been wanting to do this […]

Client Testimonial, EB Boudoir

Emily Brault Never Have I Ever | Behind the Scenes

Emily Brault. That’s me. And I bet you didn’t pronounce the last name right… not unless you’re French. It’s “Bro”. Yeah. The embarrassing “Bro”. Like the stereotypical “Bro” that only surfer boys use. I can’t change it now. It is what it is, but hey! At least now you know. 😉 Today I wanted to […]

Body Acceptance- A Denver Boudoir Testimonial

Denver Boudoir Testimonial- Body Acceptance Body acceptance and appreciation is a difficult thing to have nowadays with social media constantly trying to sell us something to make us look better, thinner and wanting to filter every little insecurity we have. It kinda sucks to put it frankly. I’m so thrilled to read Ms. R’s testimonial […]

Earn Money with the EB BOUDOIR Affiliate Program

Earn Money by Sharing the Love Wanna earn money? I’ve done them before- Affiliate / Referral Programs. I would offer product credit which seemed like a good motivator, but often times, clients purchase what they want during their Reveal and Ordering appointment so it isn’t a huge incentive to get more credit for products you […]

Denver Boudoir for EB BOUDOIR- Moving Day

The Day Has Arrived Here I come, Denver Boudoir circuit. The day has come. I’m sitting in my office surrounded by Denver moving boxes. It’s a mess and I hate mess. Luckily, I woke up before the sun did so I could write this quick blog to you before the storm of movers hits and […]

Taking Care of You During Covid-19 | Eb Boudoir

Hello Beautiful Babes, let’s talk about Taking Care of You During Covid-19. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this crazy time! For this week’s blog, I wanted to give some simple tips for practicing self-care for free from the comfort of your home. As we all know going out isn’t an option […]

Black and White Photography | Why I Love It

When my clients come to their Reveal and Ordering appointment, many are surprised that I show both color and black and white photography of their boudoir images. Why create both? Well, to be truthful, I’m in love with black and white images- I always have been! I understand that not all my clients have a […]

Spokane Boudoir Loft Up and Running

The Spokane Boudoir Loft is up and running but holy cow, ladies… I was nervous to start in a new territory. I’m happy and content in Phoenix. I love my clients, my space, and everything about it. But when my husband and I explored regions of Idaho and Washington in 2017, we fell in love […]

confident woman

Boudoir is About Confidence, Not Just Pretty Pictures

Boudoir is about confidence, not just pretty pictures. Sure- you walk away with breathtaking, timeless photography of yourself to look back for years and years to come. You can sit down with your granddaughter fifty years from now and show them what a knock-out their grammy was, but there’s so much more to it. Before […]

The Importance of Letting Go | EB Boudoir

I know the thought of doing a boudoir shoot can be intimidating. But I want to touch on the importance of letting go. We spend weeks or months mentally preparing for the big day. It’s easy enough, posing in front of our mirrors; getting our angles just right, pouting our lips and practicing our smile. […]