Denver Boudoir for EB BOUDOIR- Moving Day

The Day Has Arrived

Here I come, Denver Boudoir circuit. The day has come. I’m sitting in my office surrounded by Denver moving boxes. It’s a mess and I hate mess. Luckily, I woke up before the sun did so I could write this quick blog to you before the storm of movers hits and I’m pulled in all sorts of directions. God I wish I liked coffee.

A strange sense of sadness, anxiety and excitement has hit me all at once. I know I will miss Phoenix and the strange beauty of the desert. I will miss my house. But most importantly, I will miss the Hell out of the friends I’ve made along the way. My Phoenix clients were amazing and so many of them had turned into great friends!

moving into denver boudoir world

I know I’ll be visiting time and again to continue doing Phoenix boudoir sessions and visiting old gal pals. I even have a couple weddings to shoot in November so work is not done for Emmy, and I’m so happy for that. 🙂

So, the move to Denver will be fantastic once we’re all settled into our new home. The drive with a five year old isn’t going to be so great, but that will be just one weekend and then it’s done. Right? Mamas out there, please send happy thoughts!! Aw, come on. She’s just so cute, I can’t be that annoyed with the constant, “Are we there, yet?” questions, right?

Want an EB BOUDOIR Session, Still?

Anyway, I’ll be back Phoenix boudoir scene. If you’re still wanting to have your sexy photo session with EB BOUDOIR, we’ll make it happen. And for those of you in Spokane looking for boudoir photography, I’ll be there at the end of June ready for you too, babes. Not in either city? Shoot me an email to and we’ll get something on the calendar. I’m here for you girlie.

denver boudoir photographer emily brault

Denver boudoir, look out. I’m coming and I cannot wait to get started! Stay tuned for next week’s blog to introduce the new Denver EB BOUDOIR studio.

Now, off to pick up the moving truck…