Denver: The New Space with EB Boudoir

Let’s talk Denver, love. I want you to hold on to that sexy outfit you are just dying to try on, because you will not want to miss out on this space! We have relocated to 609 E Speer Blvd #200 Denver, CO 80203. Que the clinking of Champs glasses because I am EXCITED! Cute right? Now just picture how amazing your boudoir shoot will look!

EB Boudior, Denver Studio

Leaving Phoenix was not an easy decision for me. I loved my space, my home, my city, my gal pals – but with change comes new experiences. Right? I’m ready to tackle this adventure, and I hope you are too.

Phoenix ladies, if you are still wanting to have your sexy photo session with EB Boudoir, don’t worry – we will make it happen. And for those not in Phoenix or Denver, shoot me an email to and we’ll get something on the books! I have cute luggage and I love to use it.

Now, let’s take a look into the new space, shall we?

Let’s Talk the Denver Space:

I was a little gutsy because I leased the space without even seeing it in person- not a normal habit of mine in any respect. But when I saw the listing for it, I loved it! The location of my new studio is near Downtown Denver and Cherry Creek, two of my favorite places. Plus it was an older brick building with exposed ceilings like my Spokane loft, so obviously I loved it.

denver studio, eb boudoir

When you walk into my space there will be three rooms, but the larger of the three is where the boudoir sessions will happen. They’ll be the bed, couch, tub, and other fun things showing up down the road.

And don’t worry, love. The floors will be my first tackle! You know I love to pose my clients on the floor so that blue carpet will be gone! I will be replacing it with beautiful and sleek wood – very similar to my previous space. The warmer wood I had before was stunning, and I don’t want to let that go.

Then comes the windows. The windows are AMAZING! I cannot wait until they are complete. They will have white sheers added, which will be the perfect addition. It adds that little extra something soft romantic look to the space I think.

Wall colors? Well, you know this babe needs a black wall SOMEWHERE, but where? That will hopefully be figured out once all the furniture is brought in next week so I can figure out where everything will go. But yeah, my famous black wall boudoir photos will be continuing too, girl. You can bet your booty on that 100%.

It’s All About The Glam:

We have another similar room which will be designated for all things glam and pamper. We will focus on hair, makeup, and dressing within this space. Can you picture Carrie Bradshaw’s walk-in closet at the end of the 1st movie? Okay, maybe not that glammed up, but it will be a perfect hideout for you when you’re getting ready for your sexy photo session.

For me, it’s so important to do something just for YOU. We all need to have a day of some form of pampering and I’m so excited that an EB BOUDOIR experience can bring that to you because you deserve it, love.

So, when you come into the space, let’s make sure to soak it all in! Especially after the last few months, we all need to feel alive, beautiful, and free.

EB Boudoir, Denver Studio

Just For Me:

The last room is saved for me. This is where my office space will be. It is soo important to love the space you will be spending a large portion of your time. One of the things I am the MOST excited about for this room is that I will be replacing the current lighting with pretty romantic chandeliers. Ok, well, ALL rooms are going to have pretty princess lights cause I’m just crazy like that, but the ambiance is key!

pretty girlie chandeliers

I realize that it may not look like much, but after a little TLC from me, and some amazing friends, the space is going to be amazing! I cannot wait to get started.

My studios hold so much emotion for me. They’re a place where woman can be un-apologetically themselves and say FU to the BS standards of the world and feel gorgeous in their own skin. The goal for me is that the moment you walk into my new studio and up until the moment you leave for the day, you feel like a powerful and confident woman. I hope that you find yourself purely in love with who are– and that is truly what it is all about.

This boudoir experience isn’t about giving a gift to your partner. They can benefit from your boudoir session, love- but it should be an experience for you and NO ONE else.

Be sure to follow along with my blog for updates & sneak peeks of the studio as we go! And if you are interested in booking your boudoir experience today, click here!