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I know the thought of doing a boudoir shoot can be intimidating. But I want to touch on the importance of letting go.

We spend weeks or months mentally preparing for the big day. It’s easy enough, posing in front of our mirrors; getting our angles just right, pouting our lips and practicing our smile. Practicing our poses alone is one thing. But sometimes we forget just how vulnerable we make ourselves during these shoots. It’s super important that we allow ourselves to become truly vulnerable if we really want the most of our photos. It’s important that you feel comfortable, confident and sexy. How do you let go? I have a few tips.

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Remind Yourself Why You’re Doing It –

Repeat to yourself why you decided to book a session in the first place. Use it as your mantra. A lot of time, money and effort goes into these shoots. Too much to let yourself freeze up and not take advantage of all of the moments you spend with your photographer. If you’re doing this as a present to your husband, make it a goal to show him an untapped part of yourself. Let him see a part of yourself he’s never seen before. Or, if you’re doing this for yourself, channel all of your pent up energy. Own your space. This is for you, girl. Remind yourself of that.

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Remember That You’re in a Safe Space –

Sometimes we sike ourselves out about expectations. Things always feel different as soon as we’re actually there. For example, you might not want to go completely topless or nude. And guess what? If you have a good photographer, they’ll completely understand. You’re under no obligation to do anything that will make you feel uncomfortable. If you simply want some sexy photos of your clothed self, there’s no shame in that. Alternatively, if you wanna get super naked– more power to you. Know you’re in the hands of someone who’s seen all kinds of bodies and boudoir photographers do what they do because we believe all bodies are beautiful! No matter what scars, curves or freckles you have.

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Choose a Role Model – 

Who’s your biggest female crush? Chances are, you see something in her you admire. Whether it’s confidence, success or natural beauty. They say that what we admire about others are really things that we also see in ourselves. If you’re feeling self-conscious, channel your Gweneth, Angelina or Lana Del Rey. Remember, you see something in her that you see in yourself, too.

Boudoir is meant to be a gift to yourself. You’re meant to enjoy it! So if you’re feeling anxious be sure to let your photographer know. Don’t hold it deep inside, it doesn’t help anyone. I’ve talked people out of pre-boudoir anxiety a million times, so don’t sweat it. It’s so important to let it go and be yourself!

You can always send me an email, a text or you can give me a call if you’re not feeling it! We can always talk about how to make the session more comfortable for you! We want you to be your most confident self and if that means having your favorite cocktail, candle or crystal around then more power to you!

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