Let’s Talk Payment Plans | EB Boudie Bank

Hey, girl. let’s talk payment plans, am I right?! It’s totally normal to be concerned about payment plans! I get it, trust me. It’s actually one of my most frequently asked questions! Which is why I’ve come up with three easy ways you can make payments and still get to do that amazing boudoir shoot you have been dreaming of for yourself – treat yourself! And we, at EB Boudoir, have the way!
Boudie Bank, EB Boudoir

1) The Boudie Bank


What is a Boudie Bank, you ask? Well, it’s where Boudoir dreams come true. Essentially, you make prepayments into your Boudie Bank until you’re squared away before your shoot. So when the time comes for you to order your products and images, you’ll already be up-to-date and ready to go! You can predetermine how much you want to spend and I’ll keep that credit available for you at your Reveal and Ordering appointment. Plus, if you choose to pay with your Boudie Bank with either the Allure or Pampered package, you’ll receive a free sexy accordion album.

Boudie Bank, EB Boudoir

2) Post-shoot Payments Plan


Depending on how much you order, I offer a three, six, or nine-month post-shoot payment plan. Best of all– there’s no interest and it’s done directly through me! If you wish to pay off your shoot before the term is over, you totally can! But please note that late payments will be assessed $50.


Boudie Bank, EB Boudoir

3) PayPal Credit


If you qualify, you can apply for credit through PayPal! If you’re approved, you can receive your products and images right away and I’ll send your invoice directly through PayPal. Did I mention you don’t pay interest for 6 months?! I know girl, wild! I am also just as excited! Can I get a woot woot? Payment has never been so easy! So, let’s get you booked in and feeling like the goddess that you are! If you are not ready to book just yet but have questions, not a worry – shoot me an email to emily@emilybrault.com. Would love to chat more!!