Reveal and Ordering Appointment Experience

So, what is the mysterious Reveal and Ordering appointment you’ve read about in my client experience process? Sounds like a big to-do when you mention a word like reveal but it’s really very simple, love.

After you’ve rocked your amazing EB BOUDOIR session experience in my Denver Studio, we set up a date and time for you to come back and view your images for the first time. I LOVE the Reveal and Ordering appointment because this is where you get to see how gorgeous you are to the rest of the world! About 9 out of 10 clients will agree it was their favorite part, too- so it’s not just me singin’ this tune.

Only Buy What You Love

You’ll come back to the Denver boudoir studio, watch a fun slideshow of your session, and pick which photos you cannot live without. No hard sales here, babe. I HATE sleazy sales gimmicks. I’m not going to pressure you or do anything like that. I simply want you to buy the boudoir images you love and that’s it. After you pick your photos, we’ll look at the different product options we have.

reveal and ordering appointment album product

When Does it Happen and How Long Does it Take

I take about a week to polish up those photos of yours after your Denver boudoir session. After your done with your sexy photo shoot, we’ll set up a date about a week later for you to return.

I know, it’s another appointment and we all have busy calendars. But I promise the process is SO WORTH IT.

The Reveal and Ordering appointment usually takes about an hour depending on how quickly clients can choose their photos. I’ve had some clients take thirty minutes and others take nearly 3 hours! The latter is definitely not ideal though. If you need some artistic opinion, I’m glad to help.


Can Someone Come with Me

Now, I know during shoots I ask that you ladies don’t have a friend or partner there. But for the Reveal and Ordering appointments, feel free to bring someone if you’d like! I just ask that you let me know ahead of time and that your guest is familiar with the pricing menu you’ve agreed to.

On another note- if you’re having this experience to surprise your partner it can be a good or bad thing to have them there with you while picking photos. If you come on your own, you’ll leave with the photos that you truly love without being persuaded to purchase photos maybe you didn’t like as much. Follow me, hun?

Anyway, that’s just my two cents on the matter.

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I’m Coming in From Out of Town

In the past couple years, EB BOUDOIR has started traveling to clients for their boudoir sessions and clients have also flown to me to have their boudoir photoshoot. Because of this, I understand that not everyone will be able to stick around for the additional week for their big reveal. There are a couple options I offer in this case.

The first option is a complimentary rush edit where I can hold you Reveal and Ordering appointment within 48 hrs of your photoshoot. That way, clients can still come back to the studio and view their photos in person and see the various products etc.

Sometimes though, clients will only be visiting for the day for their shoot and head back the following morning. I simply don’t edit that fast! I wish I did. Lol. In that case, I do what is called a Virtual Online Reveal and Ordering appointment. Almost everything is exactly the same as the traditional Reveal, only this time, it will be online via Zoom. So I only request that you have a good internet connection and I’ll host an online meeting for us and go through the fun process that way.

I hope this post cleared up a bit of confusion on what this Reveal and Ordering appointment included.

If you have ANY more questions or are ready to book your Luxury Denver Boudoir session, contact me and we can get the ball rolling!