Where EB BOUDOIR Stands | Black lives matter

As I sit down to write this I almost find myself at a loss for words. I feel it is important to talk about the current situation surrounding Black Lives Matter and where EB Boudoir stands during this time of so much change and uncertainty.

First, I want to start off by saying that this too is a learning curve for me, as I am sure it is for many of us.

Here at EB BOUDOIR, I believe that Black Lives Matter and it’s time we all come together. Together we are stronger.


Black lives matters, Eb Boudoir

I know that I may lose some people by posting this and I always say I would prefer not to voice in on religious or political things but this is neither of those things. This is a matter of being a human and treating everyone like an equal. Like a Human.

A large focus at EB BOUDOIR is empowering women.

When you walk out of my studio, my hope is when you leave you feel like the badass babe that you are. Because that is exactly who you are. Our job as women is to empower one another. And when I say Women, I mean ALL women.

EB Boudoir, Black Lives Matter

My hope is that when we come out on the other side, we are more educated, more respectful, more united, and more human. I believe we are all capable of greatness. It takes work but we are capable of better.

We must be willing to take a step back and listen. We need to be here as allies and support one another. Sometimes it is not the right time to stand up and speak but rather the time to stand beside and listen. 

We are stronger together.