5 Easy Steps to Self-Care | EB Boudoir

Today is the perfect day to practice 5 easy steps to self-care.

Self-care is one of those beautiful things that is often overlooked. We, at times, think that self-care is some sort of luxury that we can’t afford. Whether it be due to our workload, kids at home, or whatever excuses we can come up with to avoid taking the time for ourselves that we NEED.

So Girl, grab your coffee and snuggle up because I am going to share my 5 easy steps to self-care.

Self Care, EB Boudoir

5 Easy Steps To Self-Care

Read your favorite book

When life gets a little too crazy, There is nothing I love more than curling up with my favorite book and a beautiful cup of morning beverage. What is my book of choice? Well, my college years I spent most of my time reading various Masterpieces of Literature from Chaucer, Homer, Bronte, Shakespeare, Emerson, etc. Now, I’ll read almost any book someone suggests to me. Have one to share with me?

Not into reading books? No troubles! Read a magazine. As long as it’s an escape and something you enjoy, it’s worth it! Just, please just put that scrolling finger down and no social media reading.

Self Care, EB Boudoir

Pampering Yourself (At Home)

I am not sure about you, but I LOVE a good pampering day. The best part is, you can 100% do that from the comfort of your own home.

Quick note though- Just because I trim my own bangs, it doesn’t mean you should! If you haven’t done it on your own before and have previous experience, or if you don’t have bangs but want to spice up the look during quarantine, just say NO! I’m so flattered that some of you ladies have decided to get them because you like the look I have but there’s truly nothing worse than miss-cut bangs and it’s almost impossible to fix. Let those bangs grow out, babe. And if you want them back or added, hire a professional when this Hell is over.

With COVID, we have all been stuck at home! Which has stopped us from making those “pampering” appointments we just LOVE to make. I am talking spa-days, hair cuts, nails did- all the good stuff we just love to do to make ourselves feel like the goddesses we are.

But things we can do at home? Nails, babe. Foot masks, facials, and massages. I know we can’t REALLY massage our own bodies and relax at the same time, but maybe offer a trade with your partner in crime? They may love the idea.

For me, after a milk bath, I’m going to slather on a gold facial mask, body butter, and a new polish to my nails while kicking back and watching a ridiculous chick-flic. I would add a glass of Riesling in there too but I’m a lightweight and I need to be sure I get the polish on right. Lol.

Self Care, EB Boudoir

Take a Walk

This one is exactly as it sounds and is just that simple.

Taking that extra 5 minutes in the morning or evening to take yourself for a walk will do wonders for your mental health & self-care. It is proven that getting outside can drastically change your mood.


The more you’re grateful for, the more the universe will give you to be grateful for.

I suggest starting with making a list of things in your life that you’re thankful for. Take the time to think about those in your life, the things you have surrounding you, and the experiences you have lived. It is so important we take a moment to appreciate the life we have all been blessed to live.

Have that Bubble Bath

A Bath is the perfect self-care tool at the end of a long shoot or workday. There really is nothing better, even if it only lasts for 15 minutes – It’s 15 mins for just you. It is important we are taking the time to check in with ourselves and our own mental well being.

Self Care, EB Boudoir

At the end of the day girl, you are the only person that can make you and your self-care a priority. It is so important we show our own selves the love and respect we show others. I echo that in my shoots and I also practice it within my own self-care routine.

If you would love to talk boudoir and self-care, please reach out! I would love to chat with you!