Those 3 Questions You Should Ask Yourself | EB Boudoir

Has anyone talked to you about those 3 questions you should ask yourself prior to booking a boudoir experience?

Well, girl, I am here to walk you through it!

EB Boudoir, Boudoir Experience

I know booking a boudoir session can almost feel overwhelming – but, this experience should be everything other than that! As long as you come into this with the right mindset and goals, this will be a life-changing experience.

Those 3 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Prior to Booking a Boudoir Experience

EB Boudoir, Boudoir Experience

Who Are You Doing This For? Yourself or Someone Else?

This one is super important. Your boudoir experience should be for you, and you only!

Yes, it’s an amazing idea to get a sexy gift for your partner – trust me, I am all for it. But it is also very important that you are doing this for you and not for somebody else.

Why?, Because it is crucial that I get the real you in your shots and the only way to do that is by making sure you are totally comfortable (and honest with why you’re here. Be you and present with me the entire time. I know this can be challenging, but do your best? I won’t share any secrets that get spilled or emotions that may come out, love. Consider me your new bestie for the morning.).

What is Your Budget?

I am going to get real with you now, quality isn’t cheap.

If you’re a bit tight on cash right now, that is totally ok! Take a breath because, hun- we can still get you that amazing session without having to compromise on quality.

First, I would suggest that you take your time to save and really search for that perfect photographer. Don’t settle when it comes to intimate photographs of yourself, love. Think about it.

Another suggestion is if you find your dream photographer ask if they may just have a payment plan available.

EB Boudoir, Payment Plan

Should You Wear Make-Up to Your Session? 

Hun, leave that make-up at home! Your boudoir session is all about spoiling yourself, and at my studio, we do just that!

When you walk into EB Boudoir the experience is everything. Not only do we get to capture some gorgeous photos together but we also get to spoil you like the goddess that you are with professional hair & makeup. The focus is on you and only you. Leave the glam to us.

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At the end of the day, whatever the reason may be that you decided to take that amazing leap and book yourself a boudoir experience, just make sure you ask yourself these 3 questions beforehand. The most important thing is to make sure you feel confident in your photographer and in your session.

There is nothing sexier than confidence and self-love babe, trust me.