The Secret To A Killer Boudoir Session

I can already picture what you are thinking of, outfits. Babe, I am here to tell you to leave those thoughts at home because the secret to a killer boudoir session is letting go and allowing your confidence to come through.

EB Boudoir, Body Suit

Trust me when I say that I know the thought of doing a boudoir shoot can be scary, maybe even intimidating. But it is very important for both yourself and your photographer, that you go through what the secret to a killer boudoir session truly is, and that is – letting go and rocking the confidence we both know you have – and hun, I will be here to help guide you through.

It’s important that you feel comfortable, confident, and sexy at my Denver boudoir studio. My goal is to make you feel like your best self.

With that said, I am going to share a few of my secrets with you that will help you feel more comfortable, which in turn, will allow the confidence, that I know you have, come to life in your session.

EB Boudoir, Denver, White Body Suit

I know we are all victims of the mirror selfies, it’s ok we ALL do it. But it is one thing to practice them and another when you see them come to life within photography.

The thing I see most of my clients forget to do is be vulnerable and raw during the session. This right here is the letting go I am talking about.

You can practice those smiles all day long, but if we aren’t being vulnerable with each other we won’t get everything out of the session that we both want to see happen!

So, what the secret to a Killer Boudoir Session? I have a few tips:

EB Boudoir, Killer Boudoir Session

The Why

Let’s not forget why you are here! You booked it, you’ve paid for it, you are ready to capture the goddess that you are – so PLEASE do not forget why you are here.

Tell yourself over and over the reason behind why you booked yourself this session. Write it down, add it to your phone as a reminder. You put your effort, time, and money into this. It is important to remember that you are investing in something for yourself and that is amazing!


Trust is key.

We are in this together and it is so important that we both are reminded that this is a safe space. You can let your guard down and be vulnerable in my space. During our session I want you to own this space as if it is your own.

The photos will only be as good as we allow ourselves to be. So don’t hide away, trust your decision, and your photographer. You did the research and you made the decision. So, trust yourself.


My last tip is a simple one. Have a vision.

I want you to really envision what you are hoping to gain from this. Whether this is a session for just yourself or if you are preparing a sexy gift for your partner, I want you to envision what you are hoping to see when you get your final product. I, of course, am here to guide you when it comes to posing, outfits, and girl, I even have you covered in the beauty department! But only you can be in charge of how you want your session to go.

So, grab your fav bevy and get searching! Plan, envision, and come to your session with that already built out in your mind. We can even hash it out together – it’s just important you have an idea or direction of what you would like to see come out of this experience.

EB Boudoir, Killer Boudoir Session

This Boudoir session is for you and you only. Even if it is a gift, at that moment, it’s about yourself. So if you’re feeling nervous – just let me know! Don’t be shy. It’s so important that you open up to your photographer. We don’t bite, promise.

With me, you can send an email or even call me if you are heading into a total pre-boudoir meltdown. I am the queen at talking you off that ledge. And the best part babe, there is zero-judgment here. This is a safe space.



EB Boudoir, Killer Boudoir Session, Confidence